Saturday 08 December 2012

It’s one of them ones about stuff I’ve been watching and that aka not sure why I write these ones.

Pottered History 

I suppose the breaking news headline on my watching news bulletin – and if television ever gets that specific I think we have all won – would be that after years of thinking I am superior to the Harry Potter franchise I have bought and started watching the Harry Potter and filmsI like to think I am all brilliant and open-minded for giving stuff a go before criticising it but the truth of the matter is that it really just gives me the opportunity to watch things my pomposity could obstruct me from watching.

I have now seen five of them in the last couple of weeks. And, yes, I have really enjoyed them. I have noticed a few things:

  • The acting by the three leads doesn’t start too well but it does get better, apart from Daniel Radcliffe who has remained quite poor throughout. Well he was OK in the fifth one. And you maybe could blame the directors but he does a lot of bad face acting just after he has said something – or had something said to him.
  • I get where the name Dobby comes from in the case of Dobby in Peep Show.
  • There is, as I used to guess, a lot of stuff that is very similar to Star Wars and Lord of The Rings – and by extension lots of fantasy stories since the beginning of time as there tends to be a lot in common with them all – not my theory, the theory of Vladimir Propp (or the extension of them as relayed to me at University Mike Hayes – Narrative Forms, University of Central Lancashire, Cultural Studies).
  • They seem to get older with each film – if you watch them in the order in which they were released as I am. I suspect this pattern would go to pot if I watched them in another order, though I may not to get to test that theory.
  • Ron gets all the (mild) swears.
  • I’ve been a bit disappointed by the Malfoys, especially the son. I get the horrible feeling that he will do something noble before the end of the series, making a small speech about how Harry is alright. God, I really fucking hope that it doesn’t happen.
  • I think my best bit was the millisecond Ian Brown cameo.

Second Series Problems

The second series of The Hour has been pretty fucking good. A lot of second series can be struggles when the first season has got a lot of praise and success. Maybe the first series of The Hour was less of a success than I thought it was. I have to realise that me thinking something is really good does not mean it has been classed as a success by the broadcasters and general public. It’s like they took the stuff that was a bit too much in the first series (mainly the cloak and dagger can be interesting if there is only a few layers and twists – it doesn’t have to be that complicated that you don’t really know what is going on), didn’t fuck up the sexual tension issues by letting anyone get together, and made something very good even better.

I’m not as sure about the second season (it’s American so it’s a season not a series) of Homeland. Sometimes it seems like they have managed to move on and create a storyline that is feasible despite the end of the first season leaving it as not being too feasible for the second season to get to where it is. Other times it seems like it is a bit unfeasible that they have got to where the second season has got to given where the first season ended. And the place where they have got to is kind of the first season – only whereas we used to be a bit unsure whether or not Brodie was a terrorist this time we aren’t sure if Brodie is a double agent for the US or the terrorists, though the latter would be a triple agent (I think).

Other Stuff My Eyes Saw

The Bradley Wiggins documentary, A Year in Yellow, on Sky Atlantic was pretty good. Wiggins seemed quite surly, not that interested in other people’s feelings and liked wearing Fred Perry stuff. Proof – if proof were needed – that I could be a world class cyclist if I had all the physical ability, talent, dedication and training regime. It’s one in the eye for anyone who has blamed it on me being surly, not that interested in other people’s feelings or really liking Fred Perry stuff.

Watching Season 3 of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead have been struggling to get in my eyes. I need to make more of an effort to get them in my eyes. Especially as people have told me the latter is dark as fuck. I have been watching the new Peep Shows mind because it’s fucking awesome. But what is the point of recommending Peep Show to someone? If they haven’t already seen it and loved it by now then they are probably a dick.

My Sense of Humour Summed Up In a Tweet

ADVENT Calendar-Picturous No 8: Paris Hilton with A Man in A Cow Suit Dressed as Santa Claus

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