Friday 30 November 2012

Fin de siecle

People love ignoring stuff that happens in December. I can’t go on a website at the moment without some best of the year list being on there. At least those are opinion lists. This one on the NME is about the most popular tracks on Spotify in 2012. But it’s still 2012. I know you could say – well it’s not wrong because they are the most popular tracks of 2012 but it’s just ongoing. Well I would accept that if it wasn’t clearly meant to be an oh-look-at-the-trends-of-the-year piece. And what depressing fucking trends.

I’m not making out I am cutting edge or anything but there are meant to be people who are cutting edge somewhere driving these trends. Isn’t it cool people who use Spotify? I know I don’t, save for checking out playlists on E4’s Skins or Misfits playlists. But I thought people who were cool used Spotify. But that bloke who used to know that girl that he split up with and the girl who wants you to call her maybe are the most listened to. Even more worryingly are Adele and Eminem sitting in the top 5 of the most listened to females and males respectively. Adele, well you can kind of understand that a lot of women (and men in touch with their emotions/homos) have been dumped and so I can see that a lot of people have been sobbing listening to that one that goes “never wanted someone like youuuuuuuuuuuuuu” while looking through Facebook pictures of themselves smiling with an ex-partner. But Eminem? What is this? 2002?

Fuck it. I’m not cool. I’m going watching Elbow for the second time tomorrow. And today I was arranging going to watch Bruce Springsteen with a lad from work because I don’t really know anyone who would go and watch him with me.

[I just had a look at my most played songs on my iTunes but that doesn’t really tell a story because I don’t listen to music on my laptop so much; and all the plays from my iPods doesn’t feed back into these figures. Most played song is Otis by Jay-Z & Kanye. Which I’ll settle for. The Top 25 also feature JLS and Olly Murs so I’m hardly trying to suggest I’m a hipster. And, yes, Noel Gallagher does feature. It’s not very 2012, though.]

Missed The Blogthday

I don’t be so good at making the memory of start-life anymore. And even talky-make about takes away by words good making. [Wasn’t that quirky? Wasn’t that a funny way to start this section? If you think it was Text “QUIRKY” to 005000; if NOT text “IRA” to a former military policeman¹.]

Basically what I am saying is that I thought today was the second anniversary of the commencement of my blog based on the first blog being about the 29th of November 2010 – so that it would have been written and published on the 30th. But I actually started on the 28th November -THIS YEAR. This is only the third blog. After sneaking my brother’s birthday 21 years ago, my memory has steadfastly refused to remember anyone else’s birthday. I fucked up remembering my elder nieces and I get mixed up with how many years my younger niece has, let alone her birthday. I remember my girlfriend’s birthday by either misremembering the title of the 1812 Overture or correctly remembering the year the Titanic sank. I am better at the former.

In short I mis-remembered the anniversay of my blog. Big fucking deal. No-one is reading at the moment anyway. The graph of site visits is a bit like this *doing the up and down shape one might associate with a roller coaster with my arm* and at the moment it’s definitely in one of these bits *does the down bit of the roller coaster shape with one hand while pointing to a particularly low bit with the other hand*.

And what the fuck is a blogthday? How did I think that was a good name last year? The bit of the word (birthday) I have changed to blog is birth. That’s clearly not the part of the word to change – and if it is it is not appropriate to change it to blog. Birth is equivalent to ‘starting to write blog’. So maybe it should have been ‘Starting To Write Blog Day’. Then that doesn’t make sense. The day bit was definitely right. Fuck it. Blogthday stays.

¹No place for that kind of joke in an enlightened person’s weblog; but that voice is in me. It’s in me! What do you want me to do? Suffocate that voice? OK. It is probably a good idea.

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