Monday 19 November 2012

His Rail? 

As I said I would on Friday, I have spent a few days getting up to speed on the Israel-Palestine situation. And after reading as many as ten things on the internet¹ and the first essay in the book I bought about it I would probably say I among the foremost experts on the situation in the world.

It is really fucking hard trying to read up on this crazy situation. Almost everything on the internet about it is biased. And I don’t just mean the way that everything written is biased in one way or another (hey, this isn’t the first time I have read Chomsky – right kids?) Everything I looked for was either saying Israel is an evil bully and is strangling the life out of Palestine – or that Palestinians are terrorists bombing Israel and forcing Israel into retaliating. I just wanted the truth in between all the propaganda.

However, it seems to me that the former is the truth – Israel seems to be ignoring international law and the rights of Palestinians in Gaza and lying about it. The latter seems to be the version Israel and America put on it. I am not claiming I am unearthing anything here, lots of people have been saying this for a long tim (a proper long time), I have just been oblivious/concentrating on matters domestic (Do I put too much butter on my toast? Do I eat too many toasts in one sitting? Do I ask myself too many questions about toast?)

Apart from that I have read a lot of things about how Israel has broke international law and committed atrocities against people – and even some things saying the idea of wiping the Palestinians in Gaza out (as in a kind of genocide) is the only way forward. That article does say at the end that it does not reflect the editorial opinion of The Jerusalem Post – it is nice of him the platform, though.

Another thing it seems is quite important is not to equate Israel to Jewishness. I think I got caught up in that because Israel is a Jewish state and stuff. I think the more accurate way to describe the people behind the Israel position is Zionists. Because that is people who have this belief that they have this land God promised them in The Bible or something. When you read about Israel cutting money off that should be going to the people in Gaza and that they stop the water supply and cut off humanitarian aid, it shouldn’t be able to sound worse. But to me it sounds that little bit worse that the justification behind it is basically a paragraph in some old book.

¹Some as reverential as this one,

Shitler More Like

Why the fuck do I still watch things about Hitler? I watched the second episode of BBC2’s The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler. What am I expecting? There to be some new revelation? “As well as his Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote romantic novels under the pen-name of Hilda Weiss.”

No, it was just Hitler was a horrible man who had lots of fucking evil ideas on how the world should be and he managed to convince millions of people to go along with him – some took less convincing than they would probably admit after they got beat in the war (by us, England – making it 2-0 in wars, to us. Back when we stuck up for other countries who were getting bullied by evil fucks. Political.)

It’s like when there is some new documentary/interview/promotion of a book/album by Paul McCartney, there always seems to be a new anecdote about him and John Lennon that has somehow remained unused in the preceding 60 years. There is nothing interesting left when it comes to Hitler. But still I watch. I still read Paul McCartney interviews as well. (It needs to be made very clear that I am not drawing any comparisons between Sir Paul McCartney and Hitler – other than they have both had a lot of things written about every detail of their lives.)

There is talk about how he (Hitler, I am back on Hitler now) was a bit of a heartthrob and when he toured Austria there were thousands of girls screaming at him in his open-top car. I suppose that is a bit like Paul McCartney as well. Hasn’t Paul McCartney done some painting as well?

When he ran in the election to be the manager of Austria the voting card had a big massive ‘Vote Yes Circle’ next to Hitler’s name – but the ‘Vote nein’ one was a lot smaller. Clever little shit.

It seems a bit odd to write about Hitler in the same entry as the above stuff about Israel. I am not drawing any parallels. If other people want to draw a parallel then that’s their business.

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