Thursday 15 November 2012


I haven’t set out with any kind of plan to give up smoking. I am not classing it as being given up. But I have managed  to find myself having not smoked since Saturday 3 November. This is quite a long time for someone who is a smoker to have gone without having a cigarette. I am not a heavy smoker – well I am obese, but I mean I am not a 20-a-day smoker. But I smoke every day.

The longest previous period was about 2 years ago when I nearly managed a week. And I was trying then – trying not to smoke, though I would concede that I probably got on people’s nerves (because I do that as a matter of a fact).

There are some caveats before giving me a pat on the back: I was unwell for the first week with quite a heavy cold and it hasn’t really shifted. So, you might not expect someone to be having some chuff pipes. However, like most people who smoke, I don’t really let illness put me off. Maybe you should pat me on the back after all.

It does leave me in a difficult position. I didn’t want to give up. I am not trying to give up. I am not saying I have given up. I haven’t noticed any benefits. Your sense of smell is meant to get better and I’d hope for some better lung-age. But my nose is blocked so I can’t smell anything. And I haven’t done any exercise because I’ve not been well so I’ve not exactly seen these benefits. And who gives a fuck about smelling things? Proper overrated smell.

I kind of think I should give up, though. It’s a bad thing to do to your body and is the cause of all types of badness.

I quite like it. I enjoy the act of doing it.

What makes it more awkward is I’m going to be having a drink (of alcohol) on Saturday. I haven’t drank since…Saturday 03 November. Quite. That’s a callback to earlier when I mentioned the last time I smoked for those who missed it. I haven’t had a drink because of the not feeling well. I don’t see how I can have a drink and not want to smoke. I am not really missing smoking at the moment. I will definitely miss it as I finish my first pint on Saturday. Which is the reason I will probably run to the nearest shop and buy some cigarettes.

Perhaps I should become one of those social smokers. Would that be so bad? Surely it is better than smoking-smoking. It’s definitely not better than not smoking though. And I didn’t smoke when I started drinking so I maybe just need to draw on my younger self’s psyche.

Not a Joke

I usually have a look at The Mail website to remind me of how obnoxious people can be. But there is something caricatureish about The Daily Mail. Which is a particularly dangerous thing to be when it’s incredibly popular; oh ha-ha-ha look at what they’ve said about women/foreign people/the socially disadvantaged today! Ha! They are such wags.

I happened upon this tonight as a by-product of reading through some blogs. What a horrible piece of writing. It seems to be entirely motivated by hate. It does that thing of dressing up being really bigoted as patriotism (everyone being white and Christin) and/or nostalgia for a bygone era (when everyone was white and Christian in England is what it means). If the article itself isn’t unpleasant enough the comments are vile.

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