Tuesday 13 September 2012

A bit of  a …oh everyone uses that pun..actually that’s the name of the fucking book

Current read: Alex James’ autobiography which he actually did call A Bit of A Blur. I think this is the third Britpop autobiography I have read this year. If you factor in the really fucking poor Oasis tour book I read on holiday then I have read FOUR books about people in Britpop. Fortunately, like the Louise Wener and Tim Burgess books, James’ book it well-written and interesting. In fact I was going through it at a right old pace until he started talking about stuff that wasn’t really his life: space and that.

See although I find space and science interesting, I am often not that interested in it. And after romping through the early years of Blur – not lingering that long on any event in their grand trajectory – only to get to his interest in sending a probe to Mars and it becoming a bit like a Dave Gorman book. I like Dave Gorman books – I just wasn’t expecting one in the middle of someone writing about shagging his way around the world while playing bass for one of the best bands of the last 20 years¹.

I was a bit petty about Blur for quite a few years. Shows the power of tribalism. They are a fucking brilliant band and their set at Hyde Park four years ago was one of the better gigs I have seen in my life. I will always be Oasis but *whispers* Blur did the better songs didn’t they?

¹Not literally while he was playing bass – I mean they were happening simultaneously in a more parallel sense.

#Work Anecdote

I had a thing today where I was the first to find out something had changed that was quite significant to the organisation for which I work. Only I got neither credit for it nor am I able to talk about it on a blog. Though the latter element comes in the guise of me obeying my employer’s social media policy though is actually a pretty good reason for me not to bore the fucking tits off the poor cunts that read this shit. Really it is that dull.  In summary: someone put a statement on a website that wasn’t very clear on Friday, today the statement had changed, becoming less ambiguous – but the change had neither been acknowledged not communicated to people. That is both as simplistic AND interesting as the events can be related. Still it would have nice had I been presented with a book token or a crown or something.

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