Wednesday 07 November 2012


It’s crazy how important the American election was to people in England. Or how important the media portrayed it to be…eh? In your fucking face Noam Chomsky! Manufacture some consent on that you prid¹. Do Americans wake up with baited breath the day after our elections to see who has got in? No. For one they are behind us timewise and so the people who watch the news and such would see the news of who has won early/late evening. And for two: do they really care that much about who is going to do whatever their leader tells them to?²

But it has been dominating our news for several days – taking over from a story about how a (super) storm had hit parts of America. We proper love America don’t we? Well I do. And yeah, I felt great/relieved when I woke up and heard that Barack Hussain Obama II had been re-elected for a second term as the President of The United States of America. Didn’t you? Let’s face it: they are better than us. And if they have a better leader than us it’s fine, it’s how it is meant to be. But if they had elected Mitt then we would have had a leader who was equally as repugnant as theirs. Then what would happen? Their TV would get as bad as ours. Their hip-hop would get as bad as ours. Their…no, I only really rate their TV and their hip-hip. And the films of course. Shit if their films got as bad as ours we would be well and truly fucked. And I don’t mean our good ones – I mean the shit ones, the ones we make loads of.

¹See I’m aware that what’s being displayed here is essentially a (very very) basic recognition of Chomskian theory. By appearing to dismiss Chomsky I am being ironic. Do you get that? Do you see what I am doing here? I should be something special…I should be a contender…and what am I? A fucking bum. A nobody. A putz.

²God, I love it when I get political. Or more precisely I love it when I say something with a vague nod in the direction of the political world – which is about as much as I understand – and class it as political because I think I am intelligent.

Something Obama The Boy

Just to show I am not jumping on the bandwagon (or the Obamawagon, right kids?) here is proof (yes – proof) that I am a long-time fan of Obama – unlike everyone else who has only just started liking him. Witness my office cup and the sticker on the top of my laptop – not that one (is it my fault I can’t let them go? THEY WERE THE BAND OF MY GENERATION).

Obama Cup

Obama Sticker

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