Sunday 04 November 2012


Can’t really ever remember being in a greenhouse if truth be told. It’s almost certain that I have been in one and just forgotten about it: but what does that say about them (greenhouses)? One could lay the blame with my memory I suppose. But I remember being in shoe shops, pantomimes and near cloakrooms so really – am I really the bad guy?

So is the problem that I’ve never been in a greenhouse or that I have and I can’t remember it? Text in if you have an opinion.


Theat cliff-hanger ending kind of loses some of its meaning when we have to wait about nine years for the third series doesn’t it? Well if the BBC will cast highly talented, charismatic actors on the cusp of international stardom then they will pay the price. Lesson learned? Use the casting director from some shit like that one about the spies or Hustle and guarantee people who wont fuck off for something better.

Am I just writing some random things to fill up a blog?

Are you just writing random things to fill up blogs more like. Jesus, can’t a man write about greenhouses (with no specific reason to do so), a BBC detective show that hasn’t been on for a year and Star Wars several days after the Star Wars story broke? Well, why bother? What love did I get for my little routine about the trainer guy the other day? The burying his son/negative energy bit at the end was underrated if you ask me. Deserved at least a £4000 anonymous prize.

Star Wars

I was away creating great energy with my sense of humour when the news about Star Wars broke – I am sure we all know what that news was: George Lucas sold Lucas Film to Disney for three hundred in used notes (or something). This has caused consternation in some parts – as though Disney is something associated with poor quality. Clearly part of it is that Disney is all about the $$$$ and plans to milk the films for merchandise and funfair rides. Because Star Wars has a lot of integrity under Lucas Film. Witness adverts for Currys, Vodafone and some fucking car or other (honourable mention for the Adidas Originals one – but that’s because Adidas Original’s don’t do shit ads I’d wager).

I wouldn’t mind but everyone fucking hated the new trilogy anyway. Well, I didn’t – I actually quite liked it. Apart from Jar Jar Binks but everyone hates Jar Jar Binks. So what are they that bothered about? Well no-one is that bothered about it are they? No-one I have read or heard about anyway. I was just trying to pad something out about nothing because I’ve got behind in the blogs again. If anything people are excited about the sale to Disney and the prospect of some new films that don’t involve George Lucas who isn’t really a very good screenwriter or director but did the majority of both on the new ones.

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