Thursday 25 October 2012

I think Chris Rock said it best about politics and issues. But democracy means you have to throw your weight behind one party/person above the others. Generally you go for the one whose views you share the most of, or most people do. Unfortunately in Britain all the parties kind of started to say the same as each other – certainly the two proper parties. Sure, at the last election the ones who pretend at being a third party actually convinced a lot of people that they shared the same opinions – but mainly people voted for them because their leader remembered some people’s names in a televised debate. And then they abandoned almost everything they said they stood for to jump into bed with the Conservatives. Principles or getting to be Deputy Prime Minister and occupying the less important cabinet posts?

A lot of people had voted for them because, as well as remembering people’s names and repeating them more than was necessary, the Liberal Democrats (we got who I was talking about before this right?) also offered an alternative to New Labour’s quasi-Conservatism (fuck the common man-suck the cock of big business) and The Conservative’s softened-but-still-Conservative-Conservatism (money-money-money-but-we’ve-got-a-young-leader-with-a-smile).

A lot of people had already abandoned The Labour Party as it distanced itself  from trade unions and socialist values to attract the vote of people with money (power) and power (money). And more did as it distanced itself  and not telling the truth about countries having bombs (and not bombing countries who didn’t have those bombs). People had distanced themselves from the Conservative Party after they decimated the country for two decades, privatising all the things that should not be privately owned and run for profit. (Oh I’m such a fucking commie at times.) Fair dos Nick Clegg represented the acceptable face of spoiling your polling card.

And we all know what happened next. Why am I talking about the piss-poor activities of the British electorate a couple of years ago? Well I don’t know. I started off trying to say something about the fucking morons in America running for senior political office. Not only did one use the phrase ‘legitimate rape’ he then went on to say that this – doctors had told him – was unlikely to result in a pregnancy because “the female body has ways to shut that whole thing [he means the creation of life] stuff down.” But another has said that a pregnancy from rape is something God intended. I don’t want to sound snobby but – we wouldn’t let people say stuff like this and vote for them would we?

These are just the latest examples of such thinking in high political office in America. That country is fucking mental. And they run the world. You can’t get anywhere political office over there unless you’re explicitly religious. Now I’m not saying that if you’re explicitly religious you shouldn’t have power over people *mouths “I am really” behind the back of religious politicians* but having strong religious beliefs and governing how people can live their lives (who don’t share your philosophy) is something that I think is contradictory (because it is).

Until relatively recently the liberal Americans who wanted a shot at real power had to basically stay schtum on whether or not they thought people should be allowed to be gay. Their armed forces had a policy of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ so they would allow gay people to be risk being killed (generally by friendly fire) defending their country(‘s aggressive intervention in oil-rich country’s politics) – but no-one was allowed to ask if people were gay and if they did (by accident?) then people weren’t to tell people they were homosexual. And people don’t even baulk at treating people of non-heterosexual sexualities differently. Why can’t you follow our example USA? Oh wait…..

I think my point was that I couldn’t vote for people who thought that way on one thing even if I agreed with what they thought about everything else. In America, like here at the last election, there is an alternative to the traditional right and left. Whereas our alternative of the Liberal Democrats, and people voting for that as an alternative ultimately had led to a Conservative ideology, America’s alternative is The Tea Party. Whereas even The Republicans are a bit not-embarrassed-but-nearer-shame-than-pride.

Fuck knows what I am trying to say. Vote Obama.

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