Monday 22 October 2012

Some stuff I’m about at the moment….

Modern Family

Quite late to the party on this one. In fact I am really late. I imagine some people have left already (drank too much/babysitters/another party/embarrassed at spilling wine on rug) that I am that late.

The reason is mainly prejudice: I see an American sitcom get bought by Sky and put on Sky One around 7pm and I just think that is probably going to be a big pile of shit. That’s way harsh actually. Those kind of shows – I mean the ones with ‘Middle’ in the title – are not the worst thing in the world to watch. Or more relevantly not the worst TV shows made in the last few years that are being broadcast. But I am never going to get into them. I don’t know about everybody else but I just think Raymond is OK (with a lovely wife), I don’t love him. I don’t dislike Tim Allen but him pretending to be someone who likes tools/the outdoors doesn’t appeal. Mainstream American sitcoms can be…for want of a word that isn’t shit…shit.

But Modern Family isn’t one of them shows. It’s no Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development in terms of being quite off the beaten track. But it’s not a million miles away from the latter. It’s funny, has a good task, doesn’t overdo ‘the message’, has a great task – and a really attractive Colombian woman¹. It also has that thing that British comedies cannot do: a funny child. Manny is able to be believable, funny and not annoying. Whereas every wise-cracking child in any British sitcom just comes across like a little cunt reading lines written by someone not that funny and not knowing how a child would speak.

The Campaign

I read quite a few bad things about this film. And Mark Kermode certainly didn’t think much of it. So, I was worried about this. The counter-weight to this was that the trailer looked good (good enough to get in the Big 9 motherfucker). And it has Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in it. If you like Willl Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis you will like it. That is all you need to know.

Breaking Bad

I need to sort out my manners because I seem to be being late to a lot of parties. Yeah, OK, you all know Breaking Bad is fucking awesome. I am just acknowledging it. I am agreeing with you. Get off my back – I thought people liked people agreeing with them.

The Thick of It

You’re not allowed to say this really. So everyone ignore the next sentence, I could get killed for it. Some of this final series of The Thick of It has been a bit meh. NOT all of it. Most of it is still around 91% better than most British comedy shows of the last 20 years. Some of it is as good as The Thick of It has been (Malcolm Tucker describes Star Wars anyone?). But some bits? Some bits have just been a bit…basically there were two episodes without Malcolm in them. If he is not going to be in an episode of TTOI it needs to be really good. Only one of them was around really good. But now it has reached the stage where people have to say it’s the best thing they have seen with their eyes.

That said I will be fucking gutted next Saturday when it finishes. It finishes for ever. Fuck. And the enquiry one this week was the bomb.

¹How’s about that? I looked up Sofia Verga to check where she was from, American TV shows aren’t afraid someone to do an exaggerated racial stereotype. But she is from Colombia. It’s still probably an exaggerated social stereotype – nope she does talk like that. Guess I’m just being offensive. Irony. In other news: she has the same birthday as me. Six years older than me though. I would still go there, though *accepts the praise of people thinking how accepting I am*

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