Saturday 20 October 2012

Model in lack of intelligence shock

I think I am quite candid. I am happy to admit to a series of embarrassing truths about myself. But let’s make this clear: I was not watching America’s Next Top Model through any of my own free will. I was hungover, naive, young (comparatively) and distracted. Whatever. ANTM was on in my flat and I accidentally saw a bit of it. I was researching a book…yes, that’s it. I was researching a book.

From what I could accidentally piece together from what I wasn’t watching this current season had mixed it up. America’s current top model – and indeed America’s recent top models -had been selected in a straight model-off. But this season, this season is different. In what I can only assume is a reaction to dwindling viewing figures (or a desire to dwindle away viewers) they have created an international model war. It’s Britain Vs America: this time it’s about walking up and down in clothes that cost thousands of dollars/pounds.

I am spending quite a lot of time describing this show for not much of a pay-off.

There was a bit of trash-talking ahead of this week’s competition (the previous one seemed to be the models dressed as famous country-persons, jumping). The trash talking took place on a stage with one of each nation’s (next top) models from each side saying mean words in each other’s face. The American girl said to the British girl, “You came a long way to lose.” It’s not amazing but it describes a truth, Britain is far away, and says a mean thing, girl gonna lose.

Prepare to have some national pride fellow Britons…The British girl came back with a riposte. A riposte so factual and lacking in semantic malevolence that the only way you could tell she was meant to have attitude was the angle she had her head at. She said, “Just remember: you speak English.”

It’s a good job we have golfing tournaments because if it came down to pretty women saying mean things to each other we would never get one over on Americans.

The View from The Balcony

I wasn’t overly certain I was going to enjoy watching Tim Burgess this afternoon. His new album seems a bit low key and I wasn’t sure it was translate well live. More presciently I was hungover.

Things were looking up when we got there, though. Or more accurately LOOKING DOWN – because we ended up with seats on the balcony at The Deaf Institute. If you’ve not been there is a nice little balcony there that looks like it should be for VIPS/Friends of the band. But it often isn’t. People don’t go up there because they assume they can’t. Fortunately MJEA is more vigilant than I am and spotted that it was completely empty so we went and grabbed a bird’s eye view with comfy seats.

This positive was cancelled out by the hour we had to wait for the main act. It wasn’t the worst hour ever: I was checking the United game on my phone and the support act were not hideous. Never the less it was an hour for two hungover people – so that’s like two hours for a normal person.

The cancelled out positive was fortunately re-positived by the gig though. Any fears about the music being a bit laid back to enjoy live were dashed as I enjoyed it live. It was a really good gig. It is about the seventh time I have seen Mr Burgess live and he always gives a good show. It was made all the more impressive when I learned later that he was quite ill throat-ily and curtailed the evening show and cancelled his DJ set due to being poorly. Aw, bless him. I heart TB.

Here are some poor quality pictures:

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