Friday 19 October 2012

Shrewd. That’s an easy way to describe me in a word.

I didn’t use my iPod Nano much. What money is that making? Nothing. Did I want to use it? No. It was too small, I occasionally misplaced it in a pocket.

So I sold it on eBay. Auction finished today, £75 in my back burner. Shrewd. I told you, shrewd. I paid £130 for it about 13 months ago. I didn’t really use it that much. As I said, it’s very small. And I have an iPod on my iPhone. And an iPod on my other iPod Nano – in fact that is all iPod. As is my iPod Classic. A person who wanted to be cruel about my self-declared shrewd status could say that I clearly didn’t need it. The could add that recouping £75 on something I neither needed nor used too much was better than nothing but might be more accurately portrayed as me spending £55 to have something I didn’t need on shelf for 13 months. Why would someone be cruel, though?

Fuck ’em. Cruel bastards. And you know what I am very much considering investing the £75 profit – counting it as profit based on the £0 I would have if I hadn’t sold it- in… of them new iPod Nanos. They look great. And at just £130 it would really only represent an outlay of £55 (if we take into account the £75 profit in my sky rocket).

It cost me £55 to have the iPod Nano I didn’t want; buying a new iPod Nano would only represent an outlay of £55. Therefore, to get the new iPod Nano would only represent an outlay of £110 – which is cheaper than the cost of either iPod. Lovely jubbly.

Editor’s Notes: (1) It is actually somewhat tragic to think that there are quite a lot of people I could convince that the above was true, i.e. that the last paragraph was sincere, and that I had played the world and Apple for mugs. (2) Philip really is thinking about getting one of the new iPod Nanos. (3) It’s me! Philip! Like I have an Editor…I got you all there.

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