Sunday 07 October 2012


I think  I probably saw every episode of CheersI used to fucking love it. Fortunately it was years ago when I watched it so I am currently enjoying it almost as new – it’s on CBS Drama. Even though I definitely watched it from the start in my head it’s Kirsty Alley period Cheers that is Cheers for me. Which is probably the opposite of how it should be because it was kind of always about Sam and Diane. And I prefer Woody to Coach. Have I no shame.

Plus it had maybe the best theme music and credits of any TV show. The theme music  to M*A*S*H was pretty good as well to be fair (and it wasn’t a bad show).

Cheers WAS Friday nights to me for a few years as a nipper. I say as a nipper but it finished in 1993. The fact that an American TV show was my Friday nights well into my teens tells you a lot about my formative years. Combine this that probably my other favourite show from back when I was developing as a ‘man’ was Auf Wiedersehen Pet tells its own story; one was set in a bar and the other was about a group of men who just liked a beer. An amateur psychiatrist might say that says something about my associating alcohol with fun and pleasure. My rebuttal would be: fuck you, you fucking dick. If you were any good at Psychiatry – like Frasier Crane was – then you would be a professional psychiatrist (or ‘a psychiatrist’). Also: Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Cheers were two of the best written comedies of the 1980s/90s. And I associate booze with having a fun and pleasure because it’s good and makes me have a good time. I bet that amateur psychiatrist would be eating his/her fucking words (the dick).

Anyway, enough of me being a dick, talking shit about Cheers: read this awesome article about Cheers from American GQ which kick-started my recenr re-up of the finest Boston-bar-based comedy there ever was.

More About That Weird Fuck

I never thought I’d say this… is a decent piece of well-written journalism from The Daily Mail.

I said I felt that was some mud (not necessarily rightly or wrongly) attached to the BBC with regards all this. There seems to be more stuff coming out about shit treatment of women at the organisation in the past. Like Liz Kershaw’s claims and similar assertions from Sandi Toksvig (and I would in no way criticise the victims but I would ask why Kershaw and Toksvig are reticent about naming the molesters). I am in no way saying this kind of thing still goes on at the Beeb anymore but I don’t think there is any harm in people like Kershaw coming forward and revealing what has gone on. I don’t see it as people raking up the past, more people saying what a fucking shambles the past was and how stuff like that is just not even remotely near fine.

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