Saturday 06 October 2012

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’ve heard quite a few grumbles about people putting central heating on. And people getting winter coats out. And people saying things like “it’s getting cold out.”

It’s October. When was October not cold? GOI (get over it). October is dark and cold and when you leave your house you have a coat on. Maybe a hat. Hell, you might not be wearing gloves but October’s cold. Always has been. So…GOI (get over it).

I like it getting cold – in the coming Autumn->;Winter sense¹. Gets people off the streets. Everyone pales so I don’t look as comparatively pale (I was probably the palest person in my department even after a week in Rhodes). Wasps and bees die.Television gets better. You don’t feel so bad being drunk at teatime as it’s dark. And, fuck it, yeah: it keeps trees in their place.

Just GOI (get over it) will you?

¹For the purposes of disambiguation – love that word, didn’t read it or hear it anywhere near enough before Wikipedia reared its state-of-flux head – I like beverages getting cold; am against the atmosphere getting metaphorically cold; am indifferent to something becoming less popular, and I like it when someone hardens emotionally.


We were sat around with some time to kill this afternoon. We are both loving Boardwalk Empire season 2 at the moment, and are half way through it. We both loved Season One (yeah I did numbers for the season number a minute ago and now did the word – deal with it) of Breaking Bad and have loads more of that to get through. So we found ourselves with a couple of hours this weekend to watch something.

We watched That’s My Boy, the latest in a long line of disappointments from Adam Sandler. It was really fucking balls. The only time I chuckled was when everyone did the wassups – as in the Budweiser advert. Because that shit NEVER GETS OLD.

Sting In The Tale

I went to a friend’s house for some tea tonight, celebrating her birthday. It was very enjoyable stuff – and it’s not easy for me to enjoy stuff/things with a body-hangover² so it must have been OK. It was a small crowd, which helped (me).

Conversations included:

  • dentists – reluctance to visit
  • dentists – distrust of
  • dentists – scare stories
  • dentists – why are some pro-floss, some anti-floss
  • dentists – do they have an agenda
  • dentists – how the best bit is the bit in a check-up is where they name your teeth and say if they are OK or not (this one was my two penneth)
  • baby names – some of them are cruel
  • rabbits – shooting of
  • rabbits – cooking of
  • rabbits – whether male host executed them in a gangland style
  • rabbits – pissing on the skins of executed rabbits
  • rabbits – what do they taste like? (NOT chicken!?!?!?!)
  • rabbits – is wearing their fur OK if they are killed for food?
  • Facebook – it’s a bit sinister in terms of the information it gathers
  • Siri – it’s a bit sinister in terms of the information it gathers (built for the CIA apparently)
  • Mobile phones/Facebook – knowing too much and taking away free choice
  • Freedom of choice – People have the right not to go on Facebook/buy mobile phone
  • Looking at other people’s Facebook if they leave their phone unlocked in a public toilet – self-explanatory
  • Teacher/student trust – not being their friends on Facebook, definitely don’t fuck them and run away to France with them
  • Press not learning from Leveson
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Poor people getting ripped off
  • Almost everyone apart from very rich people getting ripped off
  • E-mail scams
  • PPI scams
  • Text scams
  • Door-to-door scams
  • Old people trust anything so get scammed
  • Some people are very naive and get scammed.

I’m afraid I can’t remember all of it in such detail. But that is a decent overview; and it was a decent conversation, liked it all give-or-take a bit of the rabbit skinning stuff. And then the person there who I knew least – this was the first time I had met her – just blew it all away. In fact, she blew almost everything I have ever heard away with a couple of minutes of revealing a few bits of her history and about a person she knew. This person she talked about was perhaps the most amazing character I have ever heard some things about (I think the other people in the room were thinking the person didn’t sound that great, or at least they sounded a bit shady).

I can’t tell you anything, though. Not my life is it? Bit mean on this woman to talk about her life on blog being read by as many as nine people. But this only came up not long before we left. It’s probably for the best as I might have got a bit annoying trying to find out more details (I don’t think there were that many more details this person could have given me, which was kind of why the other person was interesting).

I did have to ask why she didn’t bring it up when we were talking about dentists as I left.

²The ones where you hurt on the inside. They’re the ones I get. I can shake the head ones (pills or booze). I don’t get the sick ones.

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