Monday 01 October 2012

Little Voice

Not all the voices in my head (thoughts) are odd. True enough lots of them are about things like wondering if you could pull a cow into four similarly sized quarters using Land Rovers and ropes if you did enough calculations or why cockneys went to the lengths of creating their own language based entirely on rhyming words with longer phrases.

The problem is that the ones that aren’t the mad ones are the entertaining ones. And the relaxing ones are about sport. What is left, sensible one, are ignored – like when people pretend they aren’t home when there is someone knocking at the door. Sometimes I am peeking out from the metaphorical curtains of my mind while the “you’re 34 you should probably have a pension by now” thought is hammering away at metaphorical  front door (accepted as something I should think – don’t ask how this metaphor works).

Sometimes the thoughts that deserve thinking aren’t the ones that knock at the door when I am bored enough to want to speak to them (don’t you remember this hilarious blog?)

The thought that got through today was about folding t-shirts. They say as you get older you get more right-wing¹. If I am getting anything it is more concerned about the best way to store my clothes². I used to be all about hanging my stuff, especially the nicer stuff. More recently I have been coming to the point of view that folding is much better³. My main issue has been that I am fucking wank at folding stuff. I can fold a t-shirt six or seven times only for it still not to look evenly and neatly folded.

So the thought that has been trying to get my attention is “look up on the internet how to fold clothes”. But I’ve been ignoring it, thinking about if someone ever wrote a story where Jesus was actually the devil (the devil needs religion to counteract but he knew if he created this sacrificial lamb – Jesus – then evil would properly have something to contrast with). But today I was bored and the thought got through.

And so I now know….the best way of folding a t-shirt is called the Japanese method (is there anything they can’t do better than us? It’s well better than how I was previously trying to do it – and in a fraction of the time!! So don’t delay – fold your t-shirts the Japanese way!

¹ Politically speaking, naturally, in terms of football positions I think everyone drifts into a sweeper role.
² I am being flippant but I don’t hold with the getting more right-wing thing, I get simperingly more left-wing as I get older if anything.
³ Original stuff today’s blog…


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