Sunday 30 September 2012

Thous Shalt Not

There were people talking bible stuff on the television programmes this morning. I’d estimate that the main times I am actively exasperated by religion are watching Sunday morning religious programmes with a hangover. Just to be clear it is me with the hangover that is causing my issues – though I am neither suggesting nor ruling out that any of the participants have a hangover.

Gays this, unmarrieds that…how does so much of – and I apologise for talking about christianity here but I see programmes on the BBC and that tends to be the most popular religion discussed¹ – religion seem to be about not doing stuff that’s not harmful to other people? And how can it be relevant? When was The Bible written? Like 70 years ago or something? They didn’t have cars or iPods can it be held up as something to live your life by when then the lads that wrote it didn’t even have Sky+ or a digital watch?

¹Seriously what do you want me to do? Say something bad about Islam just so I’m not just attacking Christianity? Well Islam doesn’t seem to be behind some of the archaic laws in this country; I’m sure that doesn’t represent a pro-gay marriage stance that they aren’t, just history means they aren’t….some Islamic communities seem a bit shitty to women and homosexuals. Are you happy now?

iCloudy Us

People are just happy to wave a stick in the general direction of being right aren’t they? Just say something vaguely to do with the vague area being discussed. Someone on Facebook was trying to figure out why she wasn’t being allowed to upload a picture to Facebook. She was being told ‘This App does not have access to your photos or videos’. Someone suggested “I think you need to go to iCloud and change settings there, maybe! X”.

This was backed up by someone else saying: “Think it is something to do with icloud as XXXX had same problem the other day x”.

These people aren’t evil. They have nothing but the best of intentions. But they are talking shit. And is that any help to anyone. The clue is in the phrase “does not have access to” what you need to do is to give that thing access. The iCloud is mechanism for backing up your Apple – cloud storage, where things are saved somewhere on the internet (I don’t know an internet cupboard or something). So the iCloud is somewhere you save a back-up of your apps/purchases/that kind of shit. It doesn’t control the settings on Facebook. But because the person with the initial problem was using an iPad and iClouds are to do with Apple as well it becomes a feasible suggestion somehow.

The main problems with me getting annoyed by this are: (1) What the fuck has it got to do with me? (2) See point 1 (3) Really what the fuck has it got to do with you, needle-dick? (4) See points 1-3.

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