Saturday 29 September 2012

I’d had my dance card marked for today. I was helping my mate Whitey with his money pit*. Today was: floors – sanding of. I got up there about 11am. A bit late to start sanding? Never sand before 11am – one rule I absolutely live my life by.

Whitey showed me the rooms. He was right to be sanding the floors: they were a fucking mess. They needed a good sanding. I thought to myself: I hope Whitey has thought this through, if he’s just got a few pieces of sandpaper it’s going to take fucking ages just to do a square foot. Happily he hadn’t just thought it through, he’d made plans based on those thoughts and then acted on these thoughts/plans. How did I know? There was only a fucking HT8 Floor Sander waiting, giving me the eye. The HT8! A brilliant sander. I wouldn’t use one if I wanted to smooth the edge of my fingernails. But if I wanted to strip some paint stained floorboards then it’s the HT8 all the fucking way.

It’s not all about operating the HT8 Floor Sander. You can’t just leave the dust lying about. The Whites only had an old vacuum cleaner for sucking up the dust. AND a sweeping brush. These kids have thought of everything, I thought to myself – but didn’t say anything; you don’t want to give people a big head when they’re renovating a large house. They’ll get slow and cocky thinking they’ve made it – only to build a staircase out of paper or something (with horrible consequences). So, I had a choice when Whitey was operating the HT8: I could go for the ‘curling approach’ which involved following the sander around and sweeping just behind it, or ‘the dental hygienist method’ -use the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to clean up behind the sander. Maybe it’s my long-term discomfort in dental practices but it was the good old-fashioned sweeping brush for me (plus there were times when it was just me and using a vacuum cleaner and a large floor sander simultaneously is impossible).

*A little phrase I like to use to describe the house he has bought and his renovating – it costs a lot of money you see…money pit…like throwing money in a pit??? It will catch on.

Picture of The Day

Stockport had more in common with Rhodes than I first realised…..

(Listen if it makes no sense than that’s fine but it makes perfect sense if you’d read the blogs from my holiday. I can’t be expected to know which blogs you are going to pick and choose to read.)

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