Thursday 27 September 2012

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

The rain was all over the news this morning. I don’t mean it was raining in the BBC Breakfast studios, I mean they were talking about it on the news. Actually it was the floods they were talking about – but the floods are the rain aren’t they? It’s all just different words for the water. Floods are just a more socially integrated version of rain – all the raindrops stuck together and not falling from clouds. Floods are like the unionised raindrops going on strike. Or perhaps not. Note to self: don’t write a paragraph of stuff about rain/floods without thinking it through first.

I respect the BBC quite a lot. I think it is fair to say that. In fact it would be true to say that I love the BBC. Love it. But why is the Breakfast News show using anecdotal evidence when talking about the severity of the floods? The reporter was in York – or somewhere like that (repeatedly has flood problems but never does anything about it*) and was saying something about how locals had said these were the worst floods in years. OK. Well that’s great but WERE THEY the worst floods in the area in recent years? Can someone just check the facts about it or are we just going to rely on what Sheila from the Post Office’s husband thinks?

*Is it me or is the solution obvious? Big holes for the water to go down – think of a well without any sides above surface level. What’s next?

I’ve Got The Bugg

What are the odds? I made a big fuss out of saying how I was Jake Bugg’s biggest fan after I saw his name on a tickets email today. It was all based on his name though. What a great name. Open to puns as well. And then after saying he was the best act in the world for about twenty minutes I looked him up and he was actually a proper artist. I wanted him to be like the new male pop star in the vein of the big names of the past: Jimmy Ray (who want’s to know?), Daz Sampson or  Richard Blackwood. But the silly bastard is only kind of good isn’t he? Here or here for evidence.

I’m not going to go on about him – I know it will BUGG you.

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