Monday 24 September 2012

The first day back to work after a holiday/any time off is always super special isn’t it?

To be fair it is the getting up early and not being in bed until lunch which is the bit that really irks. Admittedly by the ninetieth time I had said “It was good yeah – lazed around in the sun, reading” when people said the words “how was your holiday?” I was beginning to wish I wasn’t being asked how my holiday had been – yeah you probably thought I was going to say something about hanging people or smashing their face with a hammer didn’t you? And I just wished that something wasn’t happening. In your face expectations.

I would have been equally annoyed had no-one asked me about my holiday. I can be the very button of impossible-to-satisfy at times.

This was my first extended period away from work since I was elevated to a position where I had responsibility for a team and am often in meetings more than I need to be – meetings where much is talked but little accomplished – yes, I am on THAT level. It was satisfying to have about 100 unread emails. It was deeply unsatisfying to have to read them all; absolutely none of them were about how no-one was managing to survive in my absence. I can only imagine people were too embarrassed to send me these emails. Or that I am an inconsequential cog in a large, largely-ineffective machine. Your choice.

I am just about caught up on TV shows and stuff I missed while away, so I can get back to trying to know what is in the news. Today’s big story seemed to be that a teacher had ran away with a pupil. Part of the BBC News report said something like “this is the first time she has disappeared from her home in a way like this.” Well I would hope so. One would wonder what was being classed as worthy of the national news if somone who did this every week was getting on to the news.

One of the teacher’s former pupils was quoted as saying, “He’s the main reason I got an A in GCSE maths. I had him for three years. When the rumours started going round I thought it was completely untrue.”  My two observations would be that this kid lacks some self-belief and that he needs a better English teacher, something is either true or not; something is not a bit untrue.

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