Sunday 23 September 2012

Despite failing yesterday’s straightforward ‘don’t get drunk’ mission today I wasn’t feeling too bad. Bottled lagers you see. Bottled foreign lagers. I shall kid myself that is the reason until the next time I have a beast of a hangover on the back of foreign bottled lager.

I have enough of a hangover to get more annoyed than I should about people discussing marriage on Sunday Morning Live on BBC1. I don’t really care about what people think about marriage. I also should know well enough that a discussion on Sunday morning on BBC is going to be balanced towards this way of thinking. I don’t even dislike marriage or think it’s that bad. I just don’t really see the big thing about it. People spend a lot of money, often getting in a lot of debt, to be in a relationship that they were already in and for that relationship to not really be any different from people who haven’t got married – other than legally, which is kind of my bugbear with it. But very much each to their own on this, I have enjoyed all of my friends getting married – and am happy to say they have all remained married.

None of them has been married five years, but still…

What is odd that is I feel marriage is devalued by these people who get married at the drop of a hat and remarry about nine times. Why do I think this if I don’t think anything of marriage? Anyone who says I am trying to devalue the forthcoming union of Victoria Coren and David Mitchell so that she will run away with me should probably stop being so obsessed with why I write things. And leave me alone.

Just to be clear if you are married or will be married then I am super-happy for you (that’s not sarcasm), but I don’t think it should be a bat the unmarried can be beaten with; especially people who suggest unmarried parents are any different from the married one.

Were I not about 50 days behind schedule and have written this nearer the time then there would be lots here about the Liverpool-United game today. But being a bit behind on a daily blog is a bit like counting to ten when you’re angry: the initial fire has gone out and common sense dictates that saying nothing is probably better.

But. Just like how I would still say something after counting to ten in a heated exchange, I will still say this: there absolutely was no question that the occasion meant that there should be no silly business and everyone to do with Manchester United should do nothing to disrespect the memory of those lost lives at the tragedy in 1989 vilely covered up by the Police and Government. I couldn’t see how this meant that a lot of people got to say that Patrice Evra should shake the hand of man he says racially abused him. The claim of racial abuse was upheld in a legal hearing. Suarez never apologised and has indeed several times shown no grace regarding the matter – including refusing to shake Evra’s hand when the teams played after the incident earlier this year. But Evra had to ignore that someone had been charged and not apologised and shake his hand because of the situation? I just don’t think that was fair. Of course both men shook hands, but it could have all been handled with a little more dignity by some people publicly saying Evra was obliged to do so because of something unconnected – if anything they were implying that Evra had no respect for the situation even though there was never any suggestion this was the case.

And no, it never works in life when I have to say something rather than walk away.

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