Saturday 22 September 2012

Today was all about trying to enjoy the day before the day before I went back to work. Main mission: don’t get drunk and have the depression of a hangover lying on top of the depression of it being the day before I go back to work. How hard could that be?

One way of not doing something I enjoy to do is to look and listen to a film on a screen. This morning the film that I did the watching of was Prometheus. Prometheus was the non-prequel prequel to the Alien films – the prospect of which made all the more exciting by it being directed by Ridley Scott, the British director who started the whole fucking thing when he made Alien in 1979. The excitement – like in many sexual happenings – was too be all about the build up and – again like many sexual happenings – the realisation was met with a lot of disappointed people wondering why they hadn’t just had a wank instead.

At least that was the impression I got from reading reviews and talking to people and reading stuff people put on Twitter. (It’s average critic score and user score on Metacritic were roughly the same, 65% by the critics and 6.6 out of 10 for normals. For this film I think I am not being outlandish in saying these scores aren’t great, The Avengers didn’t fare much better with the film reviewers, 69% , but was significantly more popular with normal people, getting 8.1/10. More tellingly American Reunion, which is turgid, had a better score from the public.)

Surely it couldn’t be that bad? Fassbender was in it for heaven’s sake. As was Idris Elba. And Rafe Spall. And Charlize Theron. And Naoomi Rapace. And everything in the trailers looked pretty good. Admittedly there high expectations. And it was marketed to the degree where it was a bit annoying. At one point I’m sure Ridley Scott left me voicemail asking me to go and see it.

Well, I didn’t think it was that bad. In fact I quite enjoyed it. I thought it was a decent enough yarn that was quite well paced and I felt involved with the characters. And it looked pretty nice. And all those I listed earlier were good in it. So, why all the disappointment from other people? Was it those high expectations? Had their high expectations not being met made them overly critical of something that wasn’t that bad. And in turn had their disappointment given me low expectations that made a decent enough film seem better than it actually was? I don’t know.

It was certainly the opposite of The Avengers which everyone said was the best film ever (surely this is what I can translate from an 8.1 average rating on Metacritic) – having not had ridiculous expectations of it – and by which I felt a little bit disappointed by the time I saw it.  But Prometheus has already made $300 million+ so who gives a fuck what I think? Or the public I think?

In other news – while I was watching it in the morning I had a message of my mate Dave asking if I fancied a few beers watching sport at his flat later. Mission failed.

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