Tuesday 18 September 2012

Penultimate day of the trip and I’m ashamed to say we have paid the €20 and keep the room until six pm tomorrow. Surely this kind of behaviour is acceptable to those with children or the over-50s? Whatever, I’m worth it. Not sure what I mean by that, specifically what the it is that I am saying I am worth. If I am saying I am worth an extra six hours in a hotel room for about ten pounds then..hell, yeah I am worth it. But no more, admittedly.

Wednesday and Saturday are the only days there are people coming/going to the UK. Inevitably this means that this will be the last day for quite a lot of the people here. I don’t know if this is the reason behind the choice of music around the pool but it is fucking awful mawkish Celine Dion shit. It is the kind of playlist I imagine people who go on Jeremy Kyle have on their iPods. In the middle of it Nothing Else Matters by Metallica come on, which always reminds me of my favourite graffiti in a toilet (someone had carved ‘Nothing Else Matters Metallica’ on the fan unit – it wasn’t some abstract bit of memory triggering).

I have not spoken to anyone for the entire trip – aside from basic interactions with hotel staff/bar staff types (and MJEA). I cement my position as most popular man at the hotel by putting my Germany shirt on when I see several people choosing today to wear their England shirts. This can only add to the popularity I created by wearing a United shirt on Saturday when several people looked at me like I was wearing a dead baby.

I ordered a watch from Amazon on Sunday when I was bored. I decide I should probably research it and – more to the point – find something better than it so I can already be disappointed by a watch I don’t even own yet. The first sentence of one of the reviews reads, “Great item bought this for myself for xmas.” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that someone would share that with the world. Then I laugh and gamble that she has at least one cat. Maybe two. And that she puts lots of pictures of them on Facebook and talks about them as though they are people. And cries a lot.

I met my friends in the lobby bar for a farewell drink ahead of tomorrow’s departure.

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