Sunday 16 September 2012

Am I being too Touchy About This?

I’m sure it’s just innocent, tactile behaviour – but it really unnerves me how some of the more mature gentlemen touch the female members of the staff at the hotel. You are asking for a napkin why is your hand on her shoulder rubbing it slightly? You’ve come down for breakfast why are you hugging her? No, the said members of the staff don’t look abhorred or raise objections. They are personal service professionals, though, and realise they just have to put up with it if they want to keep their job. Which is horrible, really. Or really horrible depending on how you look at it. I feel like going over and starting to massage his wife’s tits – SEE THIS ISN’T THAT DIFFERENT TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING. (Apart from what you are doing is an acknowledged method of interpersonal communication and what I am doing is a prosecutable act of sexual depravity – but other than that…)

These people have money though. And places like Rhodes completely depend upon the tourist trade. And the tourist here all seem to be loud northern people, or from Bristol, with tattoos of things like bulldogs or bottles of brown sauce. So, everyone working here just smiles politely while being patronised – in both senses of the word, one sense being the reason the other is accepted. What else can they do? And you know where they get their payback? One word, Eurovision (Song Contest). And they all wish they had beat us in whatever war we had with them at whatever point in history you can bet we had a war with them.

That’s why I feel like saying sorry to everyone who isn’t English almost all the time.

Cold Turkey

I think having just read a book about people using heroin has made me have some melodramatic thoughts about my own consumption. Admittedly I am not putting syringes of opiates in my body. But, I do put a lot of shit in there. There is a big chunk in Skagboys where several of the characters are in rehab – they are there as the alternative is jail, they have no real inclination to give up heroin. Even though they get to a period where the chemical dependency is gone and they feel  good and free of the addiction (medically) they all have no intention of remaining heroin free when they get out.

I have been eating three small meals a day, two of which compromising salad and vegetable; I am not even having chips at all. I feel quite good on it. I can’t fucking wait for a Domino’d and a chicken kebab when I get home.

It is the boat trip tomorrow. I am already imagining drowning.

Another interesting panorama of the hotel pool.

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