Tuesday 11 September 2012

Clearly the packing would now have to be a priority. We were being picked up at about 4am or something idiotically early. Why do I just agree to holidays/stag dos without even questioning the travel plans? I only have myself to blame. Getting up really, really early is shit. As is travelling any time after lunch. The worst part of any time I leave Britain is the inevitable last day sat waiting about – at best being very, very bored and grumpy; at worst being heavily hungover and very, very bored and fucking grumpy.

But, yes: the packing, clearly priority number one. Best go to ASDA first though and get some last minute essentials. Then get back and pack. Well it’s daft to if you’re really hungry isn’t it? Well I was really hungry so I motioned for tea before packing. Then the packing. Only it can make you a bit tired cant it, eating a big meal? It can certainly make you tired if you have it when the night before you only slept about three hours as you were watching the first British man to win a tennis major for about 900 years. I’m not guessing: this was my scenario and I fell asleep. I don’t know what my girlfriend’s excuse was but she fell asleep as well.

Though the packing was time critical the ability to put several pairs of shorts and t-shirts in a bag with 45 power leads and some plug adaptors is not a task that takes that much time. In short, though I have laboured the procrastination of the packing, it was never really an issue. The real issues were: what TV shows/films to put on my iPad and what to do about Skagboys. The film/TV shows thing solved itself – the first season of Breaking Bad along with The Proposition and Rampart. The book issue was an ENTIRELY different matter though…

I was tres, tres excited about Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting prequel to the extent that I bought the book itself. In fact I PRE-ORDERED it. I pre-ordered a book. How 2008. I was so excited about it I read the (not that great) Bloody Red Baron that arrived at the same time and left Skagboys under the sofa. Only to pick it up the other day and think ‘I can get this read in a couple of days…noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweat’. And then I had things to do. And now I’ve read about 100 pages of it and just got into it. I don’t want to take the hardback book with me, though. A hardback book in my luggage? I have a Kindle for the love of baby Jesus. And even though I love wasting money I don’t want to download it to read as I have the book. What to do? What to do…..

How’s about this picture I took tonight? I have in no way done any post-production on the initial image in order to make the rainbow more pronounced.

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