Sunday 09 September 2012

The NME website is hardly a source of inspiration. Maybe that is become I am approaching my late twenties and the NME is marketed at empty boxes of shredded paper rather than human beings with brains. Even so it is slightly apalling (in this day and age) that something going after teenagers as a readership is running a feature called 20 Photos of Rock Stars Smoking.

If we’re going to be honest: YES, people can look cool while smoking. Especially people like me. But some of the picture aren’t even cool, let alone cool because someone is smoking in them. This might be but this isn’t (very isn’t). There are others where someone smoking is an inconsequential element of the photograph. It can’t be that hard to find 20 where someone smoking is what makes them look cool. So, it shouldln’t be a feature IMHO, in this day and age, but if it is going to be how about it not being so shit? Wait a minute…maybe that is the point. Clever old NME.

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