Tuesday 04 September 2012

“Your password is not secure enough”

I had used one of my derivative passwords to sign up to something. It was being suggested that I use a combination of upper and lower case letters as well as perhaps number or symbols in order to increase the security of the password I had selected. I am used to having secure passwords forced on me: at work,fair enough I have access to a lot of confidential information (which no-one cares about – actually at the moment quite a lot of people in the press would love access to my work log-ons, but that’s another story); banking, fair enough – dealing with bank accounts should be secure I suppose*.

This, however, was to register for an NFL fantasy football league. What the fuck would that need to be THAT secure for? Admittedly I would be peeved if someone hacked my account and made Tony Romo my quarterback but who would be going there? If people want to advise people used better passwords than ‘password’ then fair enough, but don’t fucking enforce it. If someone wants to be that predictable maybe they deserve to be completely fleeced. Hey, I said maybe.

*That said, I think it is getting quite hectic with internet banking. The little pad thing I have for HSBC made internet banking a fucking nightmare, it took all the joy out of paying people money via the internet. And something similar The Co-Op sent me is putting me off registering for proper internet banking with them. Why can’t something just scan my iris like in the future in films? Come on banks of the world – did you not see Minority Report?


Sometimes – because I lost touch with youth culture* I have to understand some things I see on Twitter by googling them. I came across this website. Some people have to go OTT with everything don’t they? There are some good shorthands. Some useful ones as well. But this is just a list of sentences with the first letter of each word at the side. Do people really use FYSBIGTBABN for example? Some of them are so long and include words that aren’t really necessary. AFWOTIYAM.

*Though tragically I identify with the lyrics of many of the songs on the brilliant new album by The Vaccines.

An apology

Up against some quite severe competition, this is one of the most boring things I have ever written. If you have read it then I am very sorry for your loss.

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