Friday 31 August 2012

I didn’t see anything about Princess Diana today. 15 years since her death. 15 years is often the kind of anniversary acknowledged but I saw nothing about the infamous Paris-tunnel-based fatal injury. That said I haven’t been in a newsagents and so I haven’t seen the front page of any newspapers. And I don’t really go on many websites that would make an issue of Princess Diana’s deathiversary. And I don’t really know any people who would talk to me about it. So, it’s probably not really surprising that I didn’t see anything about it.

Well that was an interesting thing for someone to write about wasn’t it?

Anyone would think someone was struggling to write something about today a couple of days later and I looked up famous things that have happened on 31 Augusts.

I didn’t do that so you’ve fallen into my trap if you’ve thought that. I know the date that is all. My mother would have people believe that it really effected me (Di-ath of a Princess). Her reasoning is that I was shocked by it and stayed up watching the news when I got in for a night out. I often stay up for several hours after arriving home drunk; this was the death of (at the time) one of the most high-profile humans on the planet; she died after her car crashed in a Parisian tunnel. And I was interested.

When I got up the next day* and my mum confirmed Diana had died I definitely just said I thought she was anyway. And I was bored of the coverage as soon as it was confirmed she was dead.

But to this day she (my mother) will tell people I was affected by it. Let’s put these rumours to bed: I was not affected by the death of the former Princess of Wales.

*technically it was the same day as when I went to bed – that’s right I stayed out until AFTER midnight at 19 years of age and went to bed even later. I am surprised I didn’t die from being too crazy.

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