Monday 27 August 2012


I’m all over the shop with Bank Holiday Mondays. Having spent the weekend staying up until a third into the next day getting to Monday and it still being Sunday is immensely disorientating. Like that picture of those stairs that look like you’d be going up them but you end up at the bottom of them.

It’s hasn’t helped that there has been quite a few good comedy shows on. On a weekend. On a Bank Holiday weekend. Charlie Brooker’s Touch of Cloth, Sam Bain’s Bad Sugar and Julia Davis’ Hunderby. All within the space of a day. Brilliant, creative comedy fictions.

Not something with David Jason playing an old version of his young self, not a repeated Ballykissangel Whit Friday special. Not the first part of something with a kidnapped young girl in it – starring Amanda Redman, you know on BBC1 at about 9.10pm. It would have a twist where there would be some weird guy portrayed as a paedophile type would not turn out to be the killer. But you wont find out who the killer is because the second part will be on Wednesday and you’d miss it and then not really make the effort to catch up with it on iPlayer.  These are the kind of programmes normally shit onto Bank Holiday televisions.

ASDA Do It Sometime

I did go and help do the shopping today. I get a bit of grief – rightly so – for not going to the supermarket to help out. My argument is that if I go I end up buying random things. I will almost certainly buy one/all of/some of:

  • stationery (I don’t need – that is all stationery I have bought since 1996; I have more pens and pencils than Rymans)
  • storage (I like boxes)
  • Blu-rays (I like films, don’t watch them though – not bought ones, I watch other ones)
  • clothes (I am a snob about clothes but that doesn’t stop me buying stuff from ASDA; I love a good George inner sock or pair of shorts)

And that doesn’t even include the random foods I will throw in because I am generally hungry when I go shopping. I didn’t fail on the above this time: I bought a couple of Berol Handwriting pens (I got blue ones though, what a fucking waste of piss); I bought a couple of shirts (work ones, my working class body prefers the cheap ASDA ones to the more expensive ones I try); I also bought a drink container (which I am counting as storage) to add to the 47 different containers I have for storing water – not including cups.

Descended from Animals

It seems popular culture has remembered The Kaiser Chiefs. They didn’t just release a comeback single to follow up I Predict A Riot. They’ve released seven or eight albums since then and a few decent singles: catchy, poppy and upbeat. And not too much like earlier songs. But people just treated blanked them after Rudy. That’s fine on people. They choose who they want to like and not. I don’t understand how some people stay around and get loads of airplay and coverage despite failing miserably to be good – I don’t specifically mean Hard-Fi or The Enemy. Or bands who go on to be absolutely fucking massive like Muse or Kasabian, despite just looking they are a band in a well-made – but never the less not that convincing that you wonder if it’s a real band – film by someone good. I am specifically thinking of the band Stillwater in the Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous when I say: Kasabian would be Led Zepplin in Almost Famous. The guitarist/songwriter, Serge, I don’t even dislike him but he does seem like an actor in character as a decent guitarist in an inspirational guitar band of their era, rather than actually being one.

I definitely get the feeling Muse and Kasabian were bullied at school. But they, Kaiser Chiefs,  seemed to be on TV a few times playing their festival sets this Summer. Yes, it was suspiciously light when they were on. And, yes, the footage was often of them playing I Predict A Riot and other songs from that album. But. They were on telly. And now they are the subject of emails about PRE-SALES. Fucking hell, do they think they are Mumford and Sons or something?

That said some bands seem to stop being played on the radio, not sell many albums anymore but still play massive gigs. Snow Patrol, shit like that.

I actually quite like The Kaiser Chiefs. Especially the albums produced in the wilderness. Particularly the second and third ones. How much do I like them? I actually paid to download one of them rather than steal it off the internet.

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