Saturday 25 August 2012

When I planned a quick nip to work then into town to pick something up from Marks and Spencer I hadn’t factored the Manchester Pride parade into anything.

And this was likely to annoy for the simple reason that it involved lots of people. And roads being shut off. I’m fine with all of that to be fair, love anyone being allowed to celebrate who they are/what they believe in, in an inclusive way – even if it means I am a bit put out in my walk across town. Yes, I am that humble.

But. One does still have to allow people to get from one side of the town to the other. Clearly this will involve some people crossing the parade/road at convenient moments. I waited for a gap and crossed at the same time as another lad. I was met with two women who didn’t move when I asked if I could get past. One just said “buggies” quite aggressively. At which point I noticed they were stood in front of two small children in buggies. Fair enough, not convenient to keep moving the buggies for people; could have said it to me in a slightly more polite fashion (i.e. displaying any fucking manners whatsoever: it’s not my fault I am not an episode of Gimme Gimme Gimme you fucking horrible bastard).

The lad who I had crossed the road with had clearly seen this and moved down a couple of people to try and get past. There was an equally horrible woman (I am not saying all fairly large women in their late 40s/early 50s who like camp things are bastards – not am I saying all fairly large women in their late 40s/early 50s like camp things – what I’m saying is I think we all know the kind of person I’m talking about. Well I hope you don’t actually, sadly I know plenty: horrible, small minded people who have lots of dodgy views of most things but against the grain of all their right-wing thoughts about Mosques and immigrants runs a thread of immense affection for (particularly male) homosexuals. Anyway, this second horrible woman just said no when the lad said excuse me. He looked quite timid so just started blankly. I was in a rush by now so I just walked further down until I could see someone who looked like they might be reasonable enough to accept that they don’t own the right to a throughway on a public walkway.

Really, though, no? NO? No you can’t get past. I was annoyed for about two hours that I didn’t have an argument with her stupid twat face.

Everyone had whistles as well – and kept blowing them. Blowing a whistle is not a thrill I would say I am ignorant to. However the continuous loud annoying shrill noise of people blowing whistles incessantly, is that something people want to associate with homosexuality? Yes it was ok for five minutes but it was a couple of hours for these people (these people=all the people involved in and watching the parade, don’t go there) and I think I would have gone mental.

After I completed my trek I was in quite a rush to get home to watch United. But the buses weren’t  going into the town centre because of the closed down roads. This didn’t seem to stop a lot of people standing in the bus station getting annoyed at the absence of buses. There were big posters at the bus stops on the way out of the centre as well. I still saw people walking up to the stop, checking the timetable and then standing, waiting, looking at their watch. It was about 3pm. There were signs next to all the timetables saying “NO BUSES HERE UNTIL 4.30”.

Still they waited. I could see their point, there was a timetable that said buses ran every Saturday and a sign saying on this one Saturday there wouldn’t be any buses before 4.30. What would you believe? I have only sympathies for the confusion these people were experiencing and in no way did I take any pleasure from their confused faces. When they found out they probably complained that written signs on each and every bus stop affected wasn’t enough. It does assume people can read AND might look at a sign right on the bus stop drawing attention to the temporary cessation of service, so it is assuming a lot of people.

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