Friday 24 August 2012

Notes on a sign:

  • General  the case is a bit confusing early on, does whoever this is think the first word of a sentence all goes in upper case letters.
  • General  I know it’s not  a formal document but I think the punctuation is an issue. I think the lack of formality means missing out some punctuation is acceptable but putting stuff in places randomly is a different matter.
  • There was no name left with this – all that I have blacked out is a mobile number.
  • HAS other than the case issue I am fine with this as a start.
  • ANYONE I don’t know why this word is double-underlined and in upper case. It makes it the most emphasised word of the entire text. I’d be making what was lost the most important part of the sign. I don’t want to get all preachy about missing items signs; it’s boring when you’re sat on a bus and you hear people complaining about the lost property signs they have seen in their building. The person is clearly desperate for this cat (is this what an LV purse is?) to be returned and they are screaming out “anyone??!! ANYONE??!! please help me…..”
  • LV brown purse what am I? Perez Hilton on the E! Red Carpet Show at the Oscars? Are we all supposed to know what LV stands for? I had to think about it. OK, it was about six tenths of a second but it wasn’t as instantaneous as the meaning I have in my brain when I read a word.
  • found…,with bank card Has the writer just a comma here to try and stop any ambiguity about what is being asked? Is the person concerned that it sounded like they were specifically asking if a debit card was used to find the LV brown purse? “Oh, I was just going to ring that number as I found a purse matching this description but I found it eye-ily with my optic balls – I DID NOT use a debit card in any part of the process, ah well.” The comma is not the appropriate punctuation for this.
  • I think I dropped it in the car park Well it’s good that you have given me parameters for the search area because I had plans to spend the weekend in Bremen eliminating the city from your enquiries.
  • ANy news, call me don’t know why the n is upper case. News? Am I meant to give them a ring when I hear that a celebrity has died? Or is it just specifically news on the purse? Is there going to be news on the purse? There is just going to be one person who might have picked it up. I would find it amazing if someone cared enough to phone the number and report seeing the purse but hadn’t cared enough to pick it up, “Hi yeah…just leaving a message, I saw the purse on Friday. It was on the floor near an empty car park space. It’s not there now, I’ve just double-checked. In fact I took a photo of it, I’ll send it as an media message. Hope it turns up.”
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