Wednesday 22 August 2012

Prince Henry got a lot of shit for fucking about a bit with his cock out. He also got a lot of people saying “what the fuck are people having a go at a young lad for having fun for?”

I feel into category two: get off the lad’s back. He needed to blow off some steam after spending a few weeks watching the Olympics and not being allowed to smoke crack while doing it. The thing some people forget about Henry is that he didn’t ask to be a prince (I love that defence of people – it is true, but it’ s a bullshit defence) and he puts up with all the wealth and power thrust upon him and gets to have a right fucking laugh while doing it. And why shouldn’t he?

While, yes, he has had the world handed to him on a plate, why can’t he have a right fucking laugh while living the existence he has little choice to live. And if that means whacking his tackle out in Las Vegas then it’s a bigger man than me who would deny him this pleasure.

Am I jealous of him? Well it’s hard not to wish you had some of the things he has got: criticised for doing anything remotely in line with what other lads his age do, having everyone make jokes about who is dad is and having a dead mum. These are all things that he has as well as loads of money and people polishing his radiators so that he doesn’t have to see a radiator with any dust on it. Think about it, his radiators wont even have any dust down the back of them, all spick and span.

If he goes for a run and a group of rowdy birds fly near him I doubt he has to live in fear. No, he will call in the fucking army to kill them. And no-one would mock him. “He’s the future King of England (if his brother dies young) if some birds are flying near him then we should go to war until all the birds flying near him on Hough End football pitches are dead; or until they surrender, whichever comes first,” that’s what people will say. And they’d be fucking right as well wouldn’t they?

Good ol’ Hazza.

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