Monday 20 August 2012

This whole Julian Assange thing…it’s not good is it?

There seems to be some odd opinions about what is OK and what isn’t OK because someone leaks documents on the internet. Submitting yourself to the Swedish justice system when wanted for arrest on more than one charge of rape: OK not to do that if you’ve leaked documents online and are seen to have given journalism a new found transparency.

As far as my opinions go it is like this: if someone is accused of raping two people then they should stand trial/face the charges against them – rather than running away to another country and hiding in some random embassy and claiming asylum and getting some propaganda going about how the US have got it in for them. This is the kind of thing where hypotheticals are no help; so lets not go there, but let’s not assume guilt either. However, his refusal to stand trial/submit to arrest shows a contempt for a crime  and those whose allegations who have sufficed enough for Swedish Police to want to arrest him.

The legalities are better explained here – and yes, I did just read stuff like this to form my opinion. I am sorry I haven’t studied Swedish, European, English and International law in order to think that Mr Assange shows contempt for women and rape by his continued stance. I have read the details of what he is said to have done and I am of the opinion that his decisions do not reflect well on him. I am sure Wikileaks has done lots of good stuff but that doesn’t buy someone the right to behave like this. That are plenty of myths associated with the ongoing circus he has created; however at the heart of it is something deeply shameful: the rhetoric that this is all part of the US Government conspiracy and that it justifies a man refusing to face justice, which includes- of course – the possible outcome that he is found innocent.

As for George fucking Galloway – what a cunt. I’m not going to get into repeating the shit he comes out with, it’s on the video if you want to see what he thinks counts as rape. And how he thinks that even if Assange and these women were videotaped doing what has been described then has hasn’t raped anyone – and anyone with any sense wouldn’t suggest otherwise. There is something about Galloway using the phrase ‘with any sense’ that just deprives the phrase of all meaning. Especially when he is describing a man having non-consensual sex with a sleeping woman as an act no-one with any sense would describe as rape.

I’ve never been a massive fan of GG but this little rant and his stance on the whole thing have sickened me. I can only imagine he is trying to become so vilified so that he takes some of the pressure off Assange; because some of the bile he comes out with in that video has no place coming out of the mouth of an intelligent man with any respect for women. The only possible conclusion, therefore, is that he is not an intelligent man and has no respect for women. So he can fuck himself.

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