Thursday 16 August 2012

Culture Watch


I’ve watched: Magic Mike (we got the excellent review on Sunday), The Five-Year Engagement (pretty good as far as predictable romantic comedies go, as you might expect from something written by Jason ‘funny’ Segel), The Cabin in The Woods (superior horror – dare I say meta-horror? – from the writer of Titan A.E. The more you know about it the less you will enjoy it so I won’t say anything more than watch it), The Hunger Games (maybe I need to grow up, but I liked it), The Blair Witch Project (how far am I going back with this shit? Jesus, I watched The Hunger Games last Sunday*)

I tell you what though, the trailers weren’t up to much at Magic Mike. There was one that had the lad from We Need To Talk About Kevin in it. He wasn’t playing an **SPOILER** emotionless psychopath**END OF SPOILER** but he was so good in WNTTAK/looks like a psychopath that it was hard to see him as a lovable camp teenager in whatever it was he was in.

The other trailer was about a girl who is dying from something but doesn’t have treatment and tries to live every day as though it is her last. Of course with her this is less of a philosophy and more a pragmatic way of describing each of her days (this is true of us all though isn’t it? Just think about that and look out of window until someone asks you what you are thinking about). But – yeah, yeah – she falls in love with a lad and that. Clearly, there’s going to be some tragic, tear-jerking end where she pops her clogs. It made me think though, that lad does alright out of it. He gets all the exciting bits at the start of a relationship and…oh the novelty’s wearing off, will you stop trying to spend every fucking moment with me?? And she’s dead.

That’s a better film actually. A man just goes through life having short but perfect relationships with attractive women of none-specific death illnesses – until the woman dies. Then couple of days being sad and he’s back down the hospital to look for (beautiful) women walking out of the ‘Very Serious Killing Diseases’ ward of the hospital with a ‘I’m not going to suffer through all the treatment, I’m just going to live every day to the max’ expression and then he’s away again. Of course he’d end up falling in love with a woman who was a nurse at the ward and HE’d find out he was dying. Or something. Get Spielberg in to the ending.


Am I still reading 50 Shades of Grey? Am I what? What the fuck do you think I am? 50 Shades of?? What?? Why are you even asking me that? NO, I’m bloody not still reading it: I finished it and went straight into the second book of the trilogy, 50 Shades Darker. Whatever? What are you fucking reading? A shit blog written by a twat. That’s what so get off your fucking high horse. And what book are you in the middle of? War and Peace? I fucking doubt it.


I finally got around to watching the start of the second series of Jimmy McGovern’s Accused tonight. It was grand. Proper grand. As with most of these, knowing too much about it kind of ruins it. But, I think saying this won’t ruin it: it’s about a transvestite, played by Shaun Bean**, and a relationship he has with a ‘bloke’, played by Stephen Graham. I think you should watch it on iPlayer if you didn’t watch it already.

Away from that I’ve been struggling a little bit with all my American shows on summer breaks; The Newsroom has been a bit shit but suddenly had a good episode this week. It was no coincidence that it was the episode that minimized the presence of all the annoying (but I think supposed to be quirky, young and exciting) characters. Jeff Daniels is ace in it. Ace.

Oh, and I’ve been watching Louie the show starring stand-up comedian Louis CK. It’s fucking brilliant. He is amazing. I have never seen talk about their children the way he talks about his daughters. But he is funny when talking about anything. Some episodes can be a bit surreal/deep. But if you want Hi-de-Hi go and watch Hi-de-Hi you fucking dicks.

*I haven’t watched The Blair Witch Project since it came out, I thought it was a good idea but I didn’t think it was done that well and it didn’t do much for me.
**It would be trite to be demeaning to the aesthetics of a transvestite. And I am above it. I did think a lot about Julie Goodyear when I was watching Shaun dressed in female’s clothing though.

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