Wednesday 01 August 2012


I have timed this all quite badly. Remember how I lost my debit card? That was my HSBC one. Remember how I am leaving HSBC and going to the Co-Op? And did you see how Hotmail is being rebranded as Well this is all creating a perfect storm: I think I am in the process of stealing my own identity.

Everything I pay for is currently registered to my OLD HSBC debit card. I should have a replacement one in a day or two. I have to get a replacement one as the Co-Op move wont happen overnight and I will need to take money out to pay for things (pay for eggs/toboggan hire/private investigator etc) while this transition happens.

Everything I log into uses my address and as soon as I saw you could change I did, straight away like some giddy idiot. Why? Why? I loved having as my email address. It was the best one. Hotmail was better than the other emails and .com was better than stupid And what am I now? There is meant to be a straight sync between the two (emails to hotmail go straight to outlook) but I just think something could go wrong here, especially where they don’t ask you for a username just your email address.

So, technically I have no access to the bank account with all my money in with either a card or paying for things online and everything is assigned to an email address that kind of doesn’t work. And yesterday I was worried about a pair of jeans disappearing.

Twat Gets Twatted

I don’t know where I stand on this thing about the lad who slagged the British diving lad off. Part of me thinks something like that is best ignored. Rationale? The person who tweeted the horrible things is an attention seeking little fuck; You can block people on Twitter – just ignore him; Everyone sending him horrible messages is both hypocritical and making his initial action seem less of a bad thing¹.

The flip side of this is that he is a horrible bastard being horrible and saying really cuntish things about someone’s dead dad² and threatening to kill him. But was he? Is it the same thing saying something on Twitter? Well I would be inclined to think that Tom Diver should have blocked him and not seen the rest of it (yes – that means he has to do something to stop someone else’s fault but…life is well unperfect at times) and he, the insulter,  should be reported and suspended from Twitter until review (I don’t know the logistics of this so I might not mean it). I get this: what if it wasn’t on Twitter, would everyone just ignore it? And the same rationale for what if it wasn’t a famous person being insulted. Well it was though. But, if we ignore this (so, let’s ignore what actually happened and hypothetically talk about a difference scenario – like Graham Linehan did here³) yes: someone should have a word and tell the cunt to shut up and stop being a cunt.

¹I don’t think this is the generic reaction to people bullying someone who has bullied someone else. Most people are like “fuck you, you called him a cunt. YOU SHOULD NOT CALL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING A CUNT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, YOU FUCKING CUNT.” See, I don’t think that is cool. It’s just taking bullying to another level. Is there some irony to bullying a bully? Maybe. Still bullying though. It’s what used to happen on programmes like Oprah and Ricki Lake and the like; the show would be called something like You Picked on Me in High School And Now I’m Hot. You would get someone who had been plain at school who got bullied by a cool kid but – have you guessed? – was now like 25 and great looking. And they would come on and be all “how do you like me now? I’m fucking so hot. You want to fuck me now don’t you?” And then everyone in the audience would say horrible things about how ugly the ‘bully’ was now. No-one really took into account that everyone was an adult now and the ‘bully’ was 14 when they were a bit mean to someone. And that they were all being as shallow and mean as a child had been. It always fucking annoyed me, I was always thinking that all the kids I bullied at school were going to get a similar bit of revenge on me. But that wont happen: I was relentless and the six people I picked on between 12 and 17 all killed themselves as a direct result of my actions. Up your balls poetic justice.

²If it got legal could anyone prove he hadn’t let his dead dad down?

³He, GL, says that if I don’t agree with that I am a victim blamer and I am wrong. I am not blaming Tom Diver at all. He’s done nothing wrong and no-one should be criticising him on that level. I don’t think he should receive criticism for not being the best in the world at synchronised diving; so, clearly I don’t think he should get criticised for having lost his father. My point is that the guy who trolled him is a fucking prick, deserves no sympathy and will only get some off some people if someone now stabs him because of a few daft things said on Twitter. IGNORE HIM.

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