Sunday 29 July 2012

Tidy Temper

Given that my partner was due home from her weekend away it was time to tidy the flat. I would suggest my idea of tidy and her idea of tidy are not the same thing, and not because of our respective genders but because I am not that motivated by untidy and she is. I am fine with untidy. Unclean is a different issue. Well nearly different. I don’t mind leaving dishes until there is enough to justify a proper washing up – which is probably a little bit unclean. However, it’s not dirty: I wouldn’t let one plate go mouldy before I elected to wash it despite the volume of dirty dishes not motivating it. Also, I am a keen pre-washer (running something under the tap) so my ‘dirty dishes’ are not in danger of going mouldy.

I am quite a poor tidier. Of that there is no doubt. I let stacks develop into piles and piles into heaps. It’s not dirty: it’s just messy. When I was younger and my mum said I had to tidy my room it would be something that would take me a long time. Experimenting with different storage systems; making a rudimentary shelf out of a spare piece of wood; agonising about throwing my back-issues of Roy of The Rovers away. That kind of thing. Ultimately I would work my way to a position where my floor was free of books, magazines, videos and my clothes were all hung up (they would be in neat piles that would develop into heaps of – clean – clothes within days) and I would set about vacuuming the floor and polishing my surfaces.

By this time it would often be quite late and I would be pretty tired. But sat on the edge of my bed I would be able to look across my clean room with everything tidied away and think to myself  “you’ve just got to keep it like it this – it will make you more organized and better at school” (which was an odd thing to think at 27). And I would go to lie back on my bed, because you can relax better when everything is tidy if you are mental (being tired is the only thing which should drive being tired), and realise that I couldn’t do so: because each time I couldn’t think of somewhere to tidy something to I just threw it on my bed – to tidy away later. In order to maintain the illusion of a tidy room this would then end up in a bin bag or a box. Not a bin bag or box that went in the bin though. One that just was put in the bottom of a wardrobe, behind a closed door so it would look tidy to my mum.


I may have underestimated how annoyed I would be at not having sorted by going to the Olympics. Seeing footage of the Olympic Park and that has made me wish I was going. It must be like the frustration God feels knowing he could make Hitler and Mother Theresa  but not a happy medium between the two (she couldn’t reinvigorate economies; he couldn’t not do holocausts). It’s not like I didn’t have Olympic spirit before the start of the game. I may not have bought into the hype – and I will not call it Team GB – but look at my wallpaper (below), that is supporting the Olympics and anyone who says it is anything else is a liar. And see my cup (below below) that I bought to show the people I drink tea and coffee in front of that I will drink beverages out of something displaying a phrase I categorically do not agree with. And I didn’t receive it as a birthday gift at all.

It seems like there are a lot of people not as keen to go as me though. But these people HAVE tickets. Banks of empty seats  at events are making plenty of people angry. Well it is a combination of three things: (1) people with tickets not using them; (2) corporate tickets not being used – which is kind of the same thing as (1) in a way; and (3) people not buying tickets for things they weren’t interested in paying to go and see/paying THAT much to go and see. It seems to be (2) that is annoying people the most. It’s kind of a catch-22 with corporate stuff: big company money is vital to making stadiums and things (yeah – I know, I know – theirs isn’t the only money going in…BUT they put the money in to get stuff like seats at events, public money goes in because we elect governments who spend the country’s money as they see fit. One is capitalism and the other is politics. Sadly the two are often bedfellows but that is…well it’s not even another story really).

I’m not trying to defend corporate seating at major sporting events. One intelligent person was getting retweeted on Twitter suggesting that companies whose corporate tickets were not being use should be named and shamed. In fact he said that the companies not using the seats should have their names on the empty chairs as a punishment. Because companies would hate their names to be visible to an international audiences of billions.

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