Saturday 21 July 2012

The Batman

The Batman. There is a long list of things that have been brilliant about Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy but one of them is the definite article always being used in front of Batman.

Avoiding trailers/reviews for a films is nigh on impossible nowadays. Fortunately when a film is 164 minutes long and brilliant from start to finish seeing a few trailers and clips doesn’t mean you’ve seen all the best bits.

Those were two possible starts to trying to write a review of The Dark Knight Rises. This is actually the start of the review. I think. Yes, it is. Unlike Christopher Nolan I won’t take the best part of three hours getting to the conclusion: The Dark Knight Rises is the culmination of one of the rare examples of the perfect film trilogy, certainly rare when it comes to Hollywood. Sure some trilogies have come close, but there’s generally a weak link. Or they made more meaning it wasn’t a proper trilogy. Yes, Police Academy 1-3 would have been perfect – but they had to go and make seven of the bastards, making it the perfect septology.

And TDKR doesn’t just hold it’s nerve and deliver a steady third entry. It’s fucking brilliant. You have to be very careful not to go overboard with things in the heat of the moment. I’ve declared many albums the best thing I’ve ever heard in moments of giddiness, only to realise they were fucking shit a few weeks later. I’m quite good at not doing that with films though. If anything I was overly harsh on The Dark Knight when I saw it for the first time (and I still stand by the fact that almost everyone added an extra 5-10% on to how good they thought it was because of the death of Heath Ledger), thinking it was just really good – rather than the best film ever. In retrospect it was somewhere in between. But, right now, here, in this possibly-giddy-from-seeing-it high: I think this is the best one of the trilogy.

I won’t go into ins and outs of what is brilliant about it because you should watch the film for that. I will say these things:

  • Christian Bale is brilliant (again) (the Batman voice still irks a little)
  • Michael Caine is brilliant (again) and has another monologue where his voice cracks and goes all emotional (again) and it’s fantastic (again)
  • I never saw Anna Hathaway as anything womanly but this film made her seem like the most attractive thing on the planet
  • Oh yeah and Anne Hathaway was also great at acting and stuff
  • Bane was a brilliant villain
  • Tom Hardy made him seem as menacing as the script demanded
  • Gary Oldman ‘gary oldmaned’ the fuck out of it
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues with his almost unshakable record of being very good in everything he is in
  • The set pieces are all awesome and look amazing
  • It’s amazingly directed
  • It’s photographed like someone’s life depended on it
  • Some amazing writing going on.

There seems to be some talk that the film loses its way half way through, or that the middle third is over-long. I didn’t think this at all. No part of the film dragged whatsoever; Every scene fuelled something later on. There has also been much chatter about Bane’s dialogue being muffled/unclear. I didn’t fail to comprehend a single line of his dialogue. Moreover I shall be trying to sound like this for the next few weeks.

In summary: awe-inspiring end to a truly epic trilogy.


It’s Horrible But

The thing with horrible things is that you cant really criticise how anyone feels/thinks/acts about them. Even when someone is maybe overreacting you’re not supposed to have a go at them. I follow this person on Twitter and she is a writer and comedian. She is interesting and intelligent – hence me following her on Twitter. But I caught her on Twitter saying despite her children both loving Batman there is no way she could contemplate watching the film, after the events in Colorado. And she didn’t mean like that night – she pretty much said that it made the film unwatchable. Some other people were acting as though cinemas were now a ‘no go’. If people stopped going the sort of place where a tragedy had happened (in a similar sort of place) then no-one could go anywhere.

It was horrible and tragic what happened. And the maniac behind it is just that, a maniac – I don’t see how people can go blaming cinemas/the film itself. But, while I do agree that people should react in their own way, are they achieving anything by making out like it’s the end of everything? Stopping doing something in their own life because of some mad cunt on the other side of the world achieves little. It is often the people who overreact to things and act as though something is the end of days that are the people who have completely forgotten about it in a couple of weeks – thanks to whatever is that month’s meerkat/totes amazeballs/Draw Something.

You can recognise something as horrible AND laugh at calling someone a twat* without being some kind of monster.

*as long as that person is not a victim/related to the victims.

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