Monday 02 July 2012


What kind of fucking loser would even find the concept of parliamentary trains interesting? Ok, ok – so I found the idea interesting. But that was like a year ago, I don’t find it interesting anymore. And I definitely didn’t watch this BBC video about them. These people who are actually really interested in them are doing nothing to dispel the myth of those interested in trains as nothing more than weirdos. One of them even talks about his girlfriend…haha, nice one mate.

Tim, who is clearly the king of the getting-on-a-pointless-train people, has remarkable attire on. A wolf’s head t-shirt under a tiger face zip-up hoody. Awesome. You really do have to question the mental framework of someone who thinks EITHER a wolf t-shirt or a tiger zip-up hoody is a good idea. TOGETHER? Good luck with that Tim – I am surprised your (definitely real) girlfriend let you out of the house wearing that though. It’s almost like you made her up. Or if she is real, she is inanimate and thus enable to offer rudimentary fashion advice.

Is he still going on about The Stone fucking Roses?

Well, a little bit, yes. They were pretty big events you know. The two things that I saw today were pretty different. I’d rather not be writing about either if I’m frank.

One was that after a million people tweeting a picture of a man dancing naked the latest image people were finding hilarious was one of a girl being sick. A girl being sick in the men’s urinal. Oh and she was pissing while doing it (I am not linking it up, you’ll just have to imagine). If I was to try and desperately grab something about this not being completely and totally wretched I would fail. Is it a feminist statement? No-one has claimed that to me, by the way. I am just saying that it is as disgraceful a picture of a woman in a mess at a gig as I have seen. Go sister!

I am less comfortable talking about the other thing as it’s an ongoing thing and, well, it has a not-very-nice-to-talk-about feel. But, as usual, I can’t keep my yam-hole squatwise (can’t keep my mouth shut). There’s a missing person search following Friday’s concert. So two days after the fact there is an ongoing missing person’s report. That’s serious stuff. Serious, horrible stuff. To aid the publicity of said search The Stone Roses’ own Facebook page put the person’s picture up on their feed. This somehow became a reason for some people to complain about queues and bars at the gig. As far as self-respect and respect for others goes turning a missing person search into a complaint about not getting a beer quickly enough (or even that people were drinking too much) is pretty fucking shoddy.

What is wrong with people? They are so self-obsessed that they think as long as they put some sentence in saying how terrible it it that they are then somehow not horrible human beings for spending three times the amount of words complaining about the price of a taxi that t THEY had paid (but they got it easily). To be fair, other people are at least concerned with the missing person when uttering nonsense, “can’t they just use a sensor in his phone to find him” “they should get the helicopter to hover above the park it has special sensors”. And someone used it as an excuse to do a pun on a Roses song “find your way home it’s what the world is waiting for”.  Anyway, I’m not trying to score points off people (though I did just do that) it just really troubled me that people react and speak in certain circumstances so inappropriately.

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