Sunday 24 June 2012

Some Things from The Week:

Jimmy Carr

Not a big fan of the man. Don’t doubt he fires the one-liners out to the baying masses, often cleverly turning a seemingly innocent male/female scenario on its head so it becomes a snappy riff on rape or some other such. It’s these well honed skills that have earned him a lot of money though, so he’s clearly doing something right. Or whatever the word is for something which seems like it’s wrong but lots of people like and thus turns you into a multi-millionaire.

Poor Jimmy wasn’t happy enough with that though so avoided some taxes by investing in some clever scheme for rich people who don’t think the system they are supposed to accept as citizens, the tax system, is fair. They think that they shouldn’t pay more towards society because they earn more. Fortunately (for them) they can afford financial advisers, kind of the wealthy person’s version of Money Saving Expert, to ‘save, them money. Only it’s not by telling them they are missing out on a few quid saving at Tesco by not having a Club Card.

I’m fine with JC getting vilified for this. And he reaps what be sows on these panel shows that pay him the money he doesn’t pay tax on, so he should be fair game for everyone in the media and public doing jokes about him and shouting stuff like “Hey Jimmy, you’re a fucking bell-end; people like you should pay the taxes the Inland Revenue thinks appropriate.”

But what got annoying about this is that twats like the Prime Minister are singling him out for denouncing as though he is the only person at it. That’s the leader of The Conservative Party having a go at someone for corrupting the rules that apply to normal people because they have a wad. That right there is wrong. Jimmy Carr is a plum on many levels but David Cameron doesn’t get to blame him for what’s wrong in the country right now. What he wants to find that person is a fucking mirror. The dick.

So because David Cameron is a shit about this I end up getting a bit defensive over the affairs of someone I don’t even like, let alone agree with.

Shades of Grey

I don’t know what this is. But I know it’s got some ace marketing/word of mouth shit going on. It’s all I’ve seen in people’s social network feeds for the last two weeks. People desperate to read it, not really people who have read it saying it is good – people wanting to read it because they have heard they HAVE TO. The occasional time I have seen stuff about it from people who have read it they are saying it’s not very good, this is followed by someone asking to borrow from them the books that have just been described as shit.

I do know what they are really, well a little bit. It’s something about an erotic relationship between an older man and a younger woman with bondage and shit. In short it sounds fucking rubbish but who am I to judge? I hope everyone really enjoys it.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

I don’t understand the furore over the Olympic Torch. There, I said it.

Today, if there was a day for me to get into it, was the day for me to get into it: it passed as near to my house as it is going to get (Moss Side); it passed as near as it will get to my hometown/parents’ house (Ashton) and it went to Brighouse which is the town in the country with a name the most like my surname. Yeah, look impressed.

Only it went through Moss Side at seven this morning. And the other two are coincidences that don’t make them geographically convenient. Ok, Ashton is no big stretch – but it is shit. Moreover, I don’t get it. Someone jogging down the street with a big metal cone just isn’t doing it for me. If it was someone jogging down the street carrying Cheryl Cole then this I could understand. It’s not though. It’s a metal cone. And I know it’s something symbolic of the whole Olympic ideal. But, currently, this represents to me a big fuss and a whole lot of money being spent in a country going to the wall. It’s a second level of meaning if you like. I’m doing the whole Roland Barthes thing here again. Whatever.

Another Photo from Elbow To Bore You With

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