Thursday 21 June 2012

Can you think of a more Daily Mail take on affairs than this?

It’s easy to be sickened by The Daily Mail but…no, there is no but. It is easy to be sickened by it because it is an horrendous publication. Factor in an editorial in support of Gove’s latest ridiculous policy announcements and you just create that horrible little article.

A few points:

  • When are these idyllic times TDM refers to? I am pretty sure the levels of literacy it refers to are confined to some fantasy world. In fact it probably refers to the proportion of readers of TDM with a good education. For all its values it historically attracted the kind of reader who thought it was better than the general population. And now because it pimps itself as a celebrity titilator it probably has, proportionally, less readers with a high level of education. Society in general however reflects a different picture. A levels and university are no longer the privilege of those who get there because they were from the right part of town.
  • All this dumbing down talk is hogwash. People got more intelligent. The masses were, in fact, educated. And everyone got pissed off about it. Yes, there is still a problem at the poorer end of society but these measures are not about solving that.
  • Belittling modern qualifications is par for the course. Someone gaining 10 As at GCSE reportedly means nothing. Bullshit. It aint average. It’s ridiculously impressive and reflective of intelligence and hard work. Statements to the contrary are fantastical.
  • Sciences have always been available as three separate sciences at GCSE. The option of the “mish-mash” is just that, an option.
  • I probably shouldn’t comment on the issue of a single board in each subject. But I will, and enforce this is my own opinion and represents that and that alone. (1) I don’t think it makes total sense, there are pros and cons of both systems, (2) The notion that there is competition to offer the softest option with the lowest past rate is ridiculous. And the way to stop that is surely to ensure that this isn’t allowed to happen and that standards are enforced – rather than to enforce a system with no choice, enforcement even to use one, Government endorsed examination.
  • Gove is, to be fair, more Tory than several members of the cabinet for sure: some of them are Liberal-Democrats.
  • I don’t know why I have even bothered to get annoyed by an article that describes egalitarianism as claptrap.
  • Isn’t it a co-incidence that TDM got the exclusive on this policy announcement and then supported it whole-heartedly with this editorial?
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