Monday 18 June 2012

The Post-Match Analysis

Lets Check out the Bets I suggested on Thursday:

Evs: I will try and drink responsibly and manage it up until everyone is getting too drunk to be conversant and then I will buy myself 40 schnapps

It was Jager Bombs…and to be fair by that stage I had already tried to go home on my own once.  I would say three people were not conversant. So this bet is not paying out.

2/1: I wont be able to eat by Sunday

Boom. This was unrealistic pricing up. Most people who knew me would have had this at 1/9.

5/2: I will be a right miserable bastard at some stage on Saturday and cheer up out of nowhere (after drinking)

Hmm, tough one to call – because of the Saturday element. Though I think it would be fair to say that disappearing on your own to go home IS a bit miserable. And I definitely did later cheer up after drinking. So, again, what a good tip. Hope you all had a tenner on it.

4/1: Several people will swear off drinking for ever/an elongated period on the last day.

I don’t think I heard anyone swearing off drinking for ever. I think most of us have heard/said it to many times to bullshit ourselves. More likely to hear “it’s a tough school, drinking” or “I’m not going on another stag do”.

6/4: They will have a drink before the week is out.

Well, I can’t comment on whether or not some people have gone back on something I have suggested no-one said. But I will probably drink on Friday – if not almost certainly on Saturday when I go to Elbow and I am writing this on Tuesday still in quite a lot of pain and thinking I might have rotted my stomach away at long last, such is the evidence.

3/1: I will take a dislike to someone on the trip who I haven’t met.

Like earlier prices, this one was a shambles. No bookie in the land would would have given you 3/1 on this. And they’d have been right not to . Of course I fucking disliked a couple of people I’d only met on the trip. Why do unfunny people have to be so loud while being unfunny? And repetitive and…fucking unfunny.

8/1: I wont moan about anything. (I’d get on this now, by the time I see the hotel/have first hangover it will be about 1000/1)


3/1: Half of the people reading this don’t understand the odds/what odds are.

You tell me.

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