Friday 15 June 2012

I’ll get this out of the way up front: these blogs about the stag aren’t going to be very good. And this isn’t because everything wasn’t as outrageous and mental as the events of the movie The Hangover Part II, sadly they were also as unfunny. Fooled you: they were outrageous, mental AND funny – like The Hangover, unfortunately – as anyone knows who as read any of my blog before* – they aren’t going to be very good or funny because I am a particularly unable writer.

(They’re going to be not very good because I am unable to handle drinking on these trips anymore and much of my weekend was spent wishing I was dead.)

On the flight over the Steward annoyed a little bit by being indecisive. He took the saying ‘the customer is always right’ to a whole new level by refusing to comment on what his name was. Someone in the party tried to get his attention (politely, trip out:polite; trip back – obnoxious bunch of fucking louts, that’s how most of them roll) by saying “Micky” (rhyming with the word sticky). I pointed out that his badge had Mikey written on it, as in rhymes with Nike (if you pronounce it properly, not if you pronounce it to rhyme with like).

So the lad asked him which it was Micky or Mikey and he said it was both/either. That’s not my slash it was the stewards (unspoken) slash, he just paused a bit between the words. Two things: (1) People can have as many names as they want but surely people have one to use as a first choice – especially if you work in something with constant interaction with the general public; (2) This really isn’t even an example of the phrase ‘the customer is always right’, let alone taking it to a whole new level (which it can’t be if it’s not it at all).

I’m proud to say that we added straight to an Irish bar, proving the party had no desire to disprove a stereotype of Brits abroad whatsoever,  where we watched England. Here I would go against the grain and eat some food during the early evening- not a common event for me on weekends away is eating. And then get very drunk, which is.

*If this is your first visit, what an odd placed to start. Well done for taking the plunge and getting in to what is being called Britain’s only blog written by me (by me:The House)

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