Monday 11 June 2012

It seems other people not having or having stuff that some other people want or don’t want other people to have remains the driving force behind everything. People not wanting other people to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee was a big thing last week. Not just not wanting to celebrate it, not wanting other people to celebrate it. Far be it from me to condone exuberant purchases of boats and the like by HRH – and let’s face it who gives a fuck what I think? – but people who had a street party for whatever reason, be it post-modernism; wanting to get absolutely fucking obliterated because the world is a dark, lonely place sober; liking the feeling of a community event; or – perish the thought – being intelligent and having a quite well-rounded world view and thinking that the Queen is a nice old lady and her stint deserves some fucking decking and a trifle, all these groups surely deserve the right to have a party/stand in the road waving a flag/put a mask of Prince Charles on and do a wank.

I have bored on enough about this already, but it still annoys me a little bit because I still keep seeing the odd thing about how people doing anything in relation to last week’s festivities were in some way condoning genocide. Or at least in some way mentally unable to comprehend that they were definitely wrong. While people were comparing QE2 to people like Mugabe (it did happen, I realise I sometimes stray outside sensical musings and it might be hard to tell what is real and what is not, but some people were saying the Queen was the same as Robert Mugabe) it was hard not to be drawn to the pro-Queen ‘isn’t she a nice old woman who costs a lot to dress but makes a lot of money for people who sell plates with her face on in London’ side of the argument. I wasn’t enough though – I think the monarchy is a fucking sham, but yet again there were people sharing my view who were so obnoxious in putting it across that I felt distant from my actual brain-belief. Socialists who are not concerned with the thoughts of other people always amaze me.

This was meant to be about gay marriage. Well it wasn’t, I was just thinking about the parallels in people not being able to accept alternate views. I am not, repeat not, comparing the justification of the monarchy with the demonisation of homosexuality. I am simply saying that the people who point blank refuse to allow other people to be in favour of the royal family as a concept and people who point blank refuse to think gay marriage should be allowed  share some elements of closed-mindedness. Oh dear, I do sound like I am saying there is a parallel…yeah, I’ve worded this badly.

I think (know) the point I was trying to get round to was that I thought all the stuff about the Queen was trivial and people got very passionate about it and weren’t open to  something being okay – even if they didn’t like it. Whereas the issue of marriage, which to be fair I think is trivial but that’s not the point, and not allowing anyone to be part of anything because of their sexuality is just inherently wrong. And this opposition to gay marriage is something I am not prepared to listen to – I am closed minded if you will because this is about liberty. So, I was trying to say some things are about opinons and others are just about right and wrong. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

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