Sunday 10 June 2012

I didn’t do an awful lot today.

My main highlight of the day is that I was annoyed that I was only mildly hungover as I wanted to test the effectiveness of the £10 milk thistle tablets I bought from Boots yesterday. I took some anyway and didn’t really see any improvement in my state of mind and body. I remained a grouchy, aggressive, unhappy fuck. Perhaps it is time to accepty that I am a grouchy, aggressive, unhappy fuck and stop blaming alcohol.

Other key elements of the day involved watching football and trying to get the enthusiasm to start compiling a new playlist for my iPod. The one I normally have is, by character, an organic list that I am always updating. However, I seemed to have stopped developing it and, thus, I am bored as fuck with it. I blame Capital FM and Simon Cowell for killing my musical tastebuds. Liking the odd Flo-Rida song is alright, but it is like a McDonalds: you can’t live on them.

Sorry this is a pathetic attempt at a blog isn’t it? Why not have this treat: something I wrote EIGHT years ago, almost to the day. You have to click on ‘Media Gossip’ to open it dickwipes.

Media Gossip (almost) exactly 8 years old.

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