Thursday 31 May 2012

Saw this knocking about a few social networks today¹. Would anyone really weep at looking at any of these? Don’t misunderstand this as flippancy – there are some great pictures here and many of them capture amazing moments but weep?

1-5 are good pictures of important things or just good pictures. 6 IS quite good but because it could all be a lie. For me if you need all the knowledge surrounding the picture then it’s not as good a picture as everyone is making out: this, without the knowledge of the text underneath, is a dog lay next to a wooden cross with 30s written on it. 7: awesome, one of my favourite images. 8: fair dos. 9: touching I suppose, but my lip is not trembling. 10 did nothing for me.

I suppose 11 is quite a sad image – but I was drawn to the fact that the man looked like he only had one hand – most likely because of the angle the picture is taken at, but maybe he does just have one hand. 12 the first, but not last, picture that is essentially someone crying looking at a dog. 13: yeah, is sad *boo hoo*. 14, the caption says he is giving someone the last rites here but he looks more like he is looking around for someone to drag the dying soldier off him (RIP the soldier though, natch).  15: yeah we all like a picture of a nice arse.

16, again, need the extra information of the text or else it just looks like two people hugging at a tip. 17, fine – moving. 18 needed caption to have any meaning (again). 19 Caption AGAIN, otherwise it’s just a bit weird – but as there is a baby in it 16 people would like it on Facebook. 20: all I’m saying is everyone else seems to be holding it together.

21: BRILLIANT but not making me weep, just making me wish I was 1/900th of the man he is – and before any smart cunt says it, I am talking about PoW Horace Greasley. 22. Caption again, there is nothing bad about watching a man give a koala some water but a great picture? 23: yes, you can actually SEE the meaning in this if not precisely know what it’s about. 24: Historical knowledge required but I will allow this. 25: A good picture again, they are on a roll now.

26: Aw come on, I’m not mocking a man in this scenario but…no. 27: Caption needed – otherwise it just looks like the man is saying something horrible to the women. 28: Women cries hugging child. Woman is dressed in army uniform. Caption tells you woman hasn’t seen child for 7 months. Not for me this one, women are separated from children all the time – army or otherwise and then are happy to see them when reunited. 29: Fantastic picture. 20: You would have to be a real twat to describe this as anything other than an amazing and symbollic image. For once this isn’t a set up for me to say something stupid.

31. More interesting this one – because of the perspective on the previous image. But it is very interesting, I will give it that. 32: a good picture without the explanation – a much better one with it, but still good none the less. 33: I think it’s fair to say this is an emotive image, not lacking in power. 34: Clearly a powerful image – box ticked. 35: Looks like a man being mean to a child.

36: Yep, quite sad; nearer the end of my emotional range that being moved to tears is in than the other end of my emotional range (laughing at an egg being broken on a fat man’s head). But it is still not cry time. 37: Not sure why this is in here. 38: Now I am drawn to this chap so I suppose it is powerful. 39: This could easily be a picture taken of an arrest being made after it was found out a man was married, and having sex with a dog. 40: Yep, pretty special.

And by dismissing these many of these images it doesn’t make me a shit. Yes, I am a bit emotionless but I nearly went tonight watching Mad Men. I wont go into it as I’d not want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but it involved the actor who played Joan being brilliant in a horrible bit and then the actors who play Don and Peggy being fucking amazing just with a few facial expressions (and some great writing).

I hardly think someone who can admit that about some characters in fiction, that he probably feels more for than his own family, is hardly cold is he? WHATEVZ.

¹Why do people (I) say stupid lies like this? I understand my good lies that make me look good or, more pertinently, not look bad – but this?? I saw it on one person’s Facebook feed. One person. He doesn’t read this; If he did his feelings would not be hurt by whatever I saw about it. Absolutely pointless lie this.

My Tribute to The Queen

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