Monday 14 May 2012

Mancunians Are People Too

The best thing about someone saying to you, “you must be over the moon today” is that they’re rubbing your face in how desperately disappointed you are. And they’re rubbing your face in it with the oily rag of not remembering a single thing about you despite having spoken to you on a semi-regular basis for several years. If you’re going to define me in terms of just being a football fan (hey, I like cricket too you know) and least give me the dignity of remembering who I support.

I suppose to the people who attend these meetings we (Mancunian football fans) are all the same to them. I bet when they go back to their own lands they just have tales of good haircuts, sharp clothes and disconcertingly good cultural tastes…but us just a grey haze of which football team we support.

It’s either that or their football small-talk is just them trying to have something to talk about with me out of their good manners but ultimately it’s not important to them and isn’t stored in anything other than their short-term memory for use during the last 5 minutes of the lunch break after the work mouth language is over.

My Emoticon Mouth Is Like The First part of A Bracket [ ( ]

I don’t necessarily feel part of it. That goes for whatever it may be. In fact I sometimes feel the opposite of everybody/it. And I also don’t be happy sometimes. These are kind of general themes of my life. So it was kind of interesting walking back from town after my meeting: everyone walking the other way was happy and going to the MCFC celebrations; I was walking in the opposite direction feeling all :( about the very thing that made them so happy.

I was thinking is this like a synecdoche or something? This little walk represent my life. And then I realised I was just being a big pretentious bastard and that I was just walking out of town just before the celebrations were about to begin. The other people were just walking to the celebrations. If it was about anyone it was about them.

Yes, it was about them not being me.

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