Saturday 05 May 2012

Polite Shit

I just want to make one thing very, very clear: I do not think the Arctic Monkeys are in any kind of decline. I was involved in a conversation with somebody I didn’t really know that well but was semi-obliged to be nice to and he was saying how he admired The Streets. I had been telling him about me reading the Mike Skinner book, see. As much as I love The Streets people don’t just start talking to me randomly about The Streets. Anyway, he said he liked how The Streets had this finite lifespan that was laid out by Skinner meaning he didn’t outstay his welcome in the pop music lark like the Arctic Monkeys had.

  1. I think it’s not incredibly harsh to say that Everything is Borrowed and Computers and Blues were not flying off the shelves and were only really bought/enjoyed by those of us loyal to an artist.
  2. The Arctic Monkeys are still a pretty big deal; They sell decent numbers of recors; They play big gigs; Their current work is fucking brilliant and they show no signs of waning.
Just so that’s clear. I completely heart The Streets but Arctic Monkeys>>The Streets.

Tweet of The Day

I am pretty sure that Rupert Murdoch thought Twitter was Google at this point.

This wasn’t really the best thing I saw on Twitter today, though it did involve the planet’s favourite Australian media baron. Howling Mad Murdoch tweeted this (and then to which Jon ‘Will It’ Snow replied…):

To which RM has replied twice. This is the first:

And then unnecessarily (one might suggest) he added this (a day later):

I am not 100% certain that Murdoch’s Twitter account is not a sophisticated piece of propaganda; making him look like any other cuddly old man trying to cope with social networking – rather than façade, that the liberals would have you believe, that he is a lying tyrannical despot determined to force his right-wing agenda on to proletarians (and make fucking spunk loads of cash- in fact all the money).

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