Friday 04 May 2012

The Argument for the Anti-Anti-Nazi League

As the results of the local elections came in one of the best things to see was the moribund performance of the BNP. As much as it attracted some controversy at the time, giving Nick Griffin a voice in the national media has proved to be nothing more than a reminder what a vile stain the man and the party are on our country. For this reason I don’t understand all the people who try to ban these parties, apart from anything else I believe in free speech; the best way to make someone look an idiot is to allow them to speak. If you try to extinguish a voice you immediately give it a validity, if not a validation of the message itself a kind of credence via suppression.

My point is that, yes, you should hate nazis. It’s great we all hate nazis. Well done us for hating the perpetrators of man’s most notorious evil. I just think standing about with placards and stuff…if everybody just ignored an EDL march they would get bored and stop doing it. Even really fucking stupid degenerate fucks get bored of doing stuff that isn’t getting any attention. And let’s be honest there’s a bit of ‘look at me’ about a lot of people getting involved in stuff like that. On both sides. There are some brilliant people involved in anti-fascism demonstrations; there are also lots of people who like being looked at and think they are reinventing the wheel by being a 19-year-old who has realised concentration camps were a step too far and is now going to shout about it on a high street while people are trying to shop.

If I were going to add something else, so as not just to belittle people with a world-view that they are prepared to do something about, I would add that ‘anti’ things kind of maintain the thing they are anti. They perpetuate each other, philosophically and actually. If it weren’t for the EDL there would be a hell of a lot of pent up self-righteousness in lots of middle-class homes across the country. But I am sure they would find something to do with it if we all agree to ignore right-wing protests to death.

Thumb As You Are

I hurt my thumb at football last night, well my thumb was hurt – I didn’t do it. I just thought it was nothing and that I was being soft..and it is nothing and I am being soft, but it’s not as nothingy as I first thought. A colleague pointed out that it was quite swollen and discoloured. I hadn’t noticed: swollen and discoloured. My pain was visible! I could prove there was pain. Any speculation as to my pain being ‘man flu’,or whatever it is that cunts describe anything other than childbirth as in that dismissive way could now be rebuked: look at the swelling and discolouring you muthas!

Picture of The Day 777790272

I went for a radical new hairstyle.

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