Tuesday 01 May 2012

Pip Pip Old Chap

I got in work today to find I finally had a contract to start my new job. Part of the letter told me that as I was no longer restricted by the clocking in and clocking flexi-time system I had been working under that I should make sure my time-balance (note to self: write sci-fi action flick called Time Balance) was zero. I would have preferred it if they had used the phrase plus or minus zero, but that’s just me being a slave to pointlessnessness. But the point was the letter warned me to have my balance straight by 01 May. I got the letter on 01 May. You can see the bind it would have put me in were I the kind of person to have a constant balance around zero; I abhor owing people anything or people owing me anything and will do my best to avoid being in either situation.

 The job is part of some changes taking place at my place of work. Due to an ongoing commitment to confusion and an aversion to clarity people actually starting new jobs and moving to where they will do there new jobs have been treated as 2 separate entities; one has been organised by an algorithm originally designed to generate random numbers for the Danish Lottery, and the other workshopped by an amateur dramatics society from Coventry. Or, at least, it has seemed like that at times.

Despite extreme reluctance from people whose base setting is ‘complain/obstruct/complain(more)’ there has been (amazingly) an effort to get people moved into the new jobs WHERE they will be doing them by when it was said they would try. I know. I was surprised to. Only a week behind schedule we have now been told that the physical changes in the office spaces are going to happen this weekend. And then people will slowly move to their new jobs/stay where they are staying – but at a slightly rotated desk. It seems like I am one of the few people not being held onto for as long as possible. While this is good in way, I get to go to my new job, I can’t help but feel a bit undervalued. They will be laughing on the other side of their faces when they realise they were right to undervalue me and that they have replaced me when they could have gotten away with replacing me with some balloons in a pillow cushion.

There is, of course, every chance that my new role and colleagues could provide ample material for this blog. Perhaps it is the injection of life the blog needs, though feedback from the 4.28 readers suggests that ‘someone else writing it’ would make it better (the second most popular answer to ‘How could the blog be improved?’ was ‘don’t know’). However, I have decided that this might be infringing upon the privacy of these people who are strangers to me and therefore I have decided it would be unprofessional to write about them in this blog.

That’s it for today’s blog…oh one more thing…there is a new ‘sister blog’ in the pipelines. Look out for ‘www.anonymousblogabouttwatnewcoworkers.com’ – coming soon.

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