Friday 06 April 2012

Guten Freitag

Bible stuff gets all confused in my head – which I am not to ashamed about as it’s a book I have never read. I probably know more about the contents of this particular book that I haven’t read than of any book I haven’t read: including Harry Potters.

I associate Good Friday with the Last Supper – which is plain wrong. Friday is the day he was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and so his last supper has to be before that really. I think the confusion coming from not really being sure why there is an Easter Sunday and Easter Monday: didn’t he only resurrect once? I suppose it is a pretty good trick though and deserves two days. I am pretty sure he rose again on the Sunday. Fuck knows what the Monday is all about. And fuck knows when the Last Supper was either.

Whenever it was I am pretty sure they when to Nandos. Jesus would have been all over Twitter about it,

@JesusofNaz hitting Jerusalem with the lads tonight, @petertherock has had a few cans already dont think he will know who anyone is l8r#lastsupper

JC would definitely have loved social networking – all about the message wasn’t he? And being  a bit cryptic about his message.When he wasn’t being cryptic he was making predictions/following prophecies in a way that just seems to suggest people do the things because they have been prophesied. It’s all very well saying Peter would deny him and that someone would rat him out but would Peter have denied him had the seed not been sewn by Jesus ‘Derren Brown’ Christ?

@JesusofNaz just had a couple of joints with Thomas, he’s still refusing to come on Twitter – he say’s he can’t see it lasting. #lastsupper

@petertherock I wish @JesusofNaz would stop banging on about me denying him #lastsupper

@JesusofNaz think the weed has got to me I keep thinking my skin is like a loaf of Warburtons. #messy #lastsupper

@petertherock @JesusofNaz has started going on about how the bread is his flesh, whatever it is it’s stale #lastsupper

@JesusofNaz I think @judasi has won on a scratchcard or something, he’s suddenly flush, he’s not looking at me either #isjudasgay? #lastsupper

@judasi LOL RT:@JesusofNaz I think @judasi has won on a scratchcard or something, he’s suddenly flush, he’s not looking at me either #isjudasgay? #lastsupper

@JesusofNaz Hey up…the dibble are here…she fucking swore she was 13..#lastsupper

@JesusofNaz This is a fucking stitch-up. #lastsupper

@petertherock this has gone #titsup I did deny @JesusofNaz 3 times, he was fucking right! #prayforjesus

All I know is Kip Moore wouldn’t have took it all lying down, he’d have written some upbeat country-rock-pop ditty about a pick-up truck and supping down a frosty one. I’m not necessarily saying Kip Moore is better than Jesus as a person, I’m just saying if you compared the betterness (as a person) of Jesus and Kip Moore the latter would win.

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