Friday 30 March 2012

Stand by Glee

I do try and be less judgemental. I do find this difficult when everyone is such a fucking moron talking and doing really shit stuff. Glee for example, I’ve tried not to judge people too much for watching it and saying it is good. And I think I have been pretty good at it. But…

Last night I heard We Are Young by Free and it fucking rocked my sausage. It made my post-football shower, normally a 6/10 experience, a full on 8.5/10. In short: I fucking loved it. It will not be a love that last years; I probably won’t even remember it by the end of the year. For now, however, it is safe to say Beethoven is a twat by comparison to the boys from Fun.

Reading up on my new favourite song told me that it had been ejaculated into the pysche of people – after a low-key release – by a performance in aforementioned smash hit TV show Glee. While I shall remain respectful of Glee-bummers, as I believe they are known, this 2 minute 53 second clip on You Tube confirms everything that I suspect the programme is full of, namely beautiful people singing songs while smiling at each other, nodding to suggest that everything, even an unplanned under-age pregnancy or being in love with someone you’re not in a relationship with, is just going to be fine, it’s going to be ok: like America was after 9/11 and John Travolta was after the Looks Who’s Talking franchise.

I know it’s called Glee but fucking hell.

Twitterer of The Week, No. 73: Brian Greenhof

My latest find on Twitter is former United player Brian Greenhoff (@hoffgreen). Brian certainly isn’t afraid of voicing his opinion, of not including the letter h at the start of the word ‘has’ and using a comma as both a commas and an apostrophe. His most touching tweet of the week was possibly this bit of reminiscing about what cigarette brands him and his wife could remember being popular historically – and wondering if they were still going. Brian, like 84% of Twitter users, chooses to ask questions in tweets rather than google them and get a (more reliable) answer with a quicker response time.

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