Tuesday 20 March 2012

Iller 2 Ill

I had an amazing revelation today. After waking up and feeling terrible again I realised I was in fit state for work again and went back to sleep (this isn’t the revelation). When I awoke again I felt just as terrible and thought that some food would be in order (this isn’t the revelation). Whatever I would be having would involve toast so I had to get up and get dressed (put some trackie bottoms on over my pyjamas) and go to a small retailer on the corner where I do my minor shopping. I got some eggs – I get done for just having toast – and some bread. Walking back with my goods from the shopping house I passed a Chemist. I had vague memories of always going to a chemist after I had been to see a Doctor when I was young. Sometimes I would even go without first going to see a Doctor and my mum would buy some medicine, rather than swap it for a Doctor’s autograph as she did when I was properly poorly (for a definition of not properly poorly just imagine the cramps a small child would go through as his calves went from a normal baby’s calves to my grotesque calves that are 19 inches of pure rock).

So get this…and this IS my revelation…I went to the chemist and I got some cold medicine and nasal spray. I think the cold was on the way out anyway but by the time I had had some tablets, sniffed some nose sniff and had a chorizo and ham omelette & toast I started to feel 40%. Within an hour I was at 45%. Another 20 minutes later I was at 49%. I could go on. It seems like an appropriate moment to mention Fabrice Muamba. For me it’s all been a bit OTT. There, I’ve said it. I can’t be arsed going into the minutiae of what I thought was ridiculously over the top, I will say this though: one little bit of bad news and everyone is all over praying. Make your minds up kids: do you think religion is a crock of shit or don’t you? Minutes applauses at games? It undermines any respect I have ever paid the dead by applauding at a football ground.

[At the risk of being misunderstood: I think it was a very bad thing to happen and of course I want him to get better. I also understand people who saw it live being horrified and players who knew him being upset by it. I don’t understand putting #prayformuamba on the end of a tweet about ice baths or mothers day, Phil Neville wasn’t the only one by a long way. I also don’t understand people rewtweeting major news organisations/football clubs with constant updates: if I am interested I follow them already, if you are retweeting more than the odd tweet from anything you are showing people something they don’t want to see.]

What A Corry On

What is this all about? Sorry about all the crossing out but when you are invading two people privacy you have to give them a certain amount of respect with anonymty. And I didn’t want the story ruining for anyone.

The initial statement was made not long after the Coronation Street episode was broadcast. Even before the advent of Sky+ and iPlayers etc I would have considered this bad form, but who watches stuff  when it is broadcast anymore? I am not saying never comment on stuff in public on social networks but have a bit of good grace. How insensitive of other people’s enjoyment do you have to be to reveal a whodunnit within an hour or so of the programme being on television?

I understand the commenter even less. Why would you want to have something you were gonig to watch ruined for you? I do like the ‘oh no I don’t want to spoil it for you’ reply: well you just revealed the climax of a storyline after a couple of weeks of episodes about it, how did you not think that would spoil it for anyone who might read it? Fortunately the commenter then clears it up – by knowing exactly what will happen she can then look foward to it (emoticon). Personally I like a vague outline of what will be happening to get excited by it, rather than the specific details of exactly what will happen before I watch something. Just me maybe.

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